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To post daily a written story: 'How Dragons Shaped China'; the Hindu Ramayana in 'SITA'S VIEW'; and from Korean 'Tiger's Saga'. These verbal stories I told at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco to present a brief, quick summary of the ancient history of the country. I have as all storytellers do - adapted, fabricated, modified, elaborated, and enhanced the stories. READ and enjoy!

During the month of April 2017 in the A to Z Blog Challenge, I will tell a story a day, either a folktale, faerytale, legend, myth, or a cautionary tale that fits my AtoZ theme for the Asian stories which I told at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum.

The full stories will be on my site.


My theme for Asian Stories is an attribute for each story.

How Dragon Created China, a fast short of history of dragon's China - boundless;

The Ramayana from Sita's View with King Rama and Demon Ravana -kindred; Tiger's Sage, a fast short history of tiger's involvement in mythology - significant.

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