Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Sita Narrative about the Ramayana

        The telling of Sita was too long to include Damsel Overcome, so I decided to use a telling style in the chant to refresh about the characters for the listeners, who heard the epic over 10 the months. 

🙍 All the myths I read are about a male and his battle with the demon, and their battle to be the winner. Joan of Arc got burnt for her efforts. Mary and Jesus, she is a virgin as is the mother of Budda and even Rama's mother given sacred grains and here comes Rama and his brothers. So on and on we go with the woman second. Really the damsel has power, strength, and clever tricks to overcome the demons and suppression. Sita's curse from another life is Daemon Ravana's death. He did touch her to put her in his chariot. That fact slips in the story!

In the South Gallery at that time was a large paper wall hanging crudely drawn by women who worked, describing the life of Sita, the faithful, pure wife. The drawings of this type were gifts to a bridge at a wedding. I was intrigued and noted what scenes were there --- marriage to Rama, her capture, throwing of jewels, in the garden all about Sita! I think the battles drawn to the sides in the background. Now, I wished I had taken a photo.

Solution, Sita as a damsel is the solution, death of a greedy human daemon.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Damsels Overcome

 My next book -- DAMSELS OVERCOME

I've been writing about folktale that inspired me, and I have enhanced, adapted, and re-image into a female narratives only to discover -- my deception. All tradition tales between 12th to 18th century were written in male voices that dominated in traditional literature, even today to keep that norm. 

Selected are folktales from my child readings and adult tellings, which influence my thinking ‘women are the servers, helpless, evil, hysterical, not worthy, the weaker sex’ was the truth and shaped my reality. The powers the females in the selected stories in Damsels Overcome reveal skills used to survive. Included are bits of my beliefs as a child, young adult, and the insights of the old crone about the traditional norms included in folktales and legends. Men are also the victims of these norms.

Would you read my draft to see if I proved my point? 

Or, watch for pre-sales on Amazon on

Or, read the stories on this website under heading Damsels Overcome.

Friday, August 28, 2020

Saturday, May 9, 2020

A2Z 2020 Accomplished


Using the 2Z Blog Challenge and NaNoWriCAMP,  to write twenty-two folktales and legends about maidens and matrons, I framed the stories into a sequence to answer the question,  'Why I like the story?' 

I corrected that question to 'DO I LIKE THIS TALE?'  after realizing my chosen folktales preached a code, a norm --> that 'women are servants', and sadly, she went along - norms, horrors. 

I titled my selection of tales to Damsels in Distress. Revisiting these tales from the 14th to 20th centuries, I recognized the narratives are from the male point of view that upheld the notion that woman, femaleher, she are to act as a server. The male carrying the sword and pen, he owned the norms. And worst, I thought only men were professional authors

 My girl child and youth smothered by this norm; males wrote the narratives.

After twelve years as a storyteller, telling at the Asian Art Museum, and the hundred-plus books of folktales, legends, and myths I studied from across the world ---> I shaped another vision and opinion.

Value, worth, and hope do exist in these tales; women survived by the various powers she possessed. After re-imaged the stories into a female point of view and narrative,  I realized the males did not understand the norms set upon themselves. The freer the female, the freer the male, and powers exist to establish this balance within each.

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Reflection about the 2020 A2Z Blog Challenge.

Completion of DAMSELS In DISTRESS, 46,000 words edited during April 2020.

Finished frame during a timed challenge, April 2020.

I won my goal for the NaNoWriCAMP - EDITING.

WHY DID I BOTHER? I need to finish TELLING TOLD TALES before my life ends.

Thirty days of writing, gathering, editing, and posting with formating. WOW!

Now, stories are in order. YES! I did accomplish one-fourth of what I thought possible. Edited stories in Scrivener, yes, wrote the frame for each story 'yes', posted here on TheStoryRealm 'yes'; and corrected half of the stories 'yes' in, still half to do. 

Then reloading into Scrivener to combine the frame with each elaborated, enhanced, re-imaged in a female narrative.  Another month of editing, What is my drive? 

I have beta readers for 'Damsels in Distress'. 
Please, read my composite and give me suggestions or edits. Sign-up. I will contract you.

Or buy to read at the pre-sale offerings on Amazon and Smashword.

My forever goal is to have edited copies from Scrivener downloaded a PDF format for Amazon for a print-on-demand and kindle. An epub format to publish on Smashwords with @s, ISBBs, LCCNs, and maybe audio and a video trailer.  

POWER to Bobbie, she, her, woman, lady, female. GO, GIRL GO!!


Now, editing the frame to make sure it says what I want, 'how I over-came my view that men owned writing', and the impact these folktales left with me as a child I ingested as reality, women adapt to survive.

The folktale's PDFs will be posted on this blog for letters in A2Z blog challenge

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Completion A2Z and NaNoWriCAMP

READ the A2Z Blogs on the 2020 Challenge.

    I show empathy;
    I show encouragement;
    I show comfort;
    I stay level and aware;
    I am sensitive
    and I LISTEN.

My concerns are
    feeling relax,
    feeling free.
    feeling aware,
    having the highest ESTEEM for the other and myself.

I am concerned with:
    relating being to being.
    adult to adult
I own my feelings. I own my being  —> 
(parent, adult, youth, child) (anima and animus)
I believe:
    The other has enough wisdom and knowledge.
    I expect the other to own reactions.

I trust and LET GO!