Monday, July 9, 2012

Elfin Miners

Grandma Bobbie's grandsons invited elfin miners to their  yard. The boys painted wee houses and hung them in a plum tree. Elfin MacTagh came for Osellio; MacTagh brought his wife and he loves to fish. Osellio make him a fishing rod and a raft to float on the pond to catch fish. Pochie's elf is Elfin Jangle McFett, who is a warrior and travels. MacTagh and McFett loved their name changes, and can remain anonymous. Pochie painted his house green and put on white circles for openings to other realms. Osellio painted his house blue and put on black so Elfin MacTagh can hide. MacTagh and McFett are miners with the Elfin McDonnell and kaJ Dancy team, CareTakers of the Earth's Jewels and Ores. The elves can slide through the strings any time to help with the charting of the mines. Later that day, Pochie saw a light that is the opening for the travel, the small circle glowed on the wall inside the playing room. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Elves, Grandma Bobbie thoughts!

Looking out beyond my gate, I saw two elf looking characters today, that look like the elfin miners. One fell off his bike driving over the garbage can and other one older walking up the street. They looked scrubby and scuffled and had elfin beards and long brown hair flying. I always wonder what the young elves looked like, and today these two on my street looked liked elves only younger than the elderly Ole Elf I saw in Colorado at the gambling casino sitting by the slot machine. The young men on the street were much younger and a more colorful. The one who fall off his bike, could be young kaJ, the miner only looking tired, a little dirty and ruffled. Not Ole Uncle Elf Clyde who left Iceland and knows the Nordic Gods (Thor, Odin, etc.). Ole Elf Clyde looks more like a conventional elf: short and fat, a Santa's helper, or a keeper of the pots of gold at the ends of the rainbow, which one can never catch even in the fastest of cars or airplanes.