Thursday, May 5, 2016

SUCCESS Reflection --> atozchallenge list #598

List #598

I did write 26 stories daily and posted to so others could read--> followed my theme, emotions that fit the story with one negative, had a title design for each story and the LETTER A to Z from the Blogging Challenge. I did survive and did succeed. And my pledge is to weekly add another tale --> I did fail telling the stories on because this not the venue for storytelling. So my next GREAT PROJECT will be how-to put verbal stories on itunes, plus interviews with artists, writers, and storytellers, telling their back-story of their venues for their audiences --> viewers, readers, and listeners.

Now, more stories to come!
And beyond that on the last day, April 30th, having finish early in the morning the atoz challenge; I went to the Bay Area Storytelling Festival, their last of 30. Once, I volunteer and did publicity, 2008, 2009, and 2010 the 25th festival plus took photos. One marvelous, fantastic, well-organized story festival done by volunteers for 30 years sharing professional performers from across the country and the Bay Area. A family of friends, which I hope regroups into another fantastic venue. Best of all, I bought 26 raffle tickets for my 26 stories written and posted for readers to enjoy. And beyond that, and beyond, guess what?  --> I WON THE hand-stitched QUILT, the LAST ONE, 30 YEARS of festivals and 30 years of quilts! APRIL 30 was a good day!