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Wattpadian Interviews
1) What is my favorite genre to read?
My favor genre in non-fiction nature, ancient cultures, and modern places, things, and ideas. Non-fiction opens the doors to many possibilities. To balance this genre, I read traditional folktales, fairytales, and legends and myths from around the world.

2) What is my favorite genre to write?
Fantasy is my favorite because I can create a world and characters that fit a theme or premise I want to speak about or prove, and the readers enjoy the metaphors and analogies plus they can view the story through a world they created.

3)   How did I find Wattpad?
 All started out at RedBook, out of San Francisco, one of the first websites for authors to show their works, bio, etc. Of course, I was slow and my first book, Rhyonna's Fright, took a long time to write. In the meantime, RedBook (who Craigslist owned) sold the site to a Canadian company to became, as we know it. I came on board as an add-in, 'join or not.' So, I joined.

4) What are some of my interests outside of
My interests outside of First, is my family, husband, son, daughter, their marriage partners, my grandchildren, my brother, his wife, their children, and my pets: dog Elvis, and cats Agarus and Sasha! Next is outside in the air to experience: nature, weather, gardening, walking, and just sitting and working in a garden, which is a form of my exercise. Then my friends are very important; they show what I know and where I’ve been and where I’m going.
5) What kind of music do I listen to?
Music, there are so many styles. Music, I think helps develop the story theme and plot. For Rhyonna’s Fright, I listened to Celtic and Irish music, which gave a faery feeling; then for the horror scenes Tangerine Orange; the lively scenes Reggae, and for flying a more flighty feeling with NewWave music.

6) What is my dream job?
My dream job is to be a famed Artist, in mixed media. My mom would not hear of me applying to an Art School as a graphic artist, which was not women’s work and would not make money. A teaching certificate was only possible. So, out went the artist and I became a teacher! I took as many art classes as I could. I lasted about 13 years as a teacher: first grade, Kindergarten, art teacher, then a home pre-school teacher. I stuffed art into whatever I taught. Creating is important in our lives and keeps balance, no matter what type.

7) Who is my role model or who would you want to be?
My role model was my sixth-grade teacher, Miss Owen; she had an art studio in the back of her room. I started reading then. Who would I be if I could, of course, the altruistic person: professional, considerate, educated, open-minded, cheery, authentic, understanding, trusting, giving value to others, famous, an authority in creativity.

8) In my opinion, what is the coolest thing in the world? (Object, Activity, Person, Place)
The coolest, finest thing in the world is physical movement: dancing, swimming, walking, skipping, hiking, climbing, sweeping, raking, walking upstairs and down, biking, not running! I wish I could fly. I do fly in my head; most of my dancing, I performed inside my imagination.

9) What's the backstory to ‘Rhyonna’s Fright’?
When I was a child in Colorado Springs, CO, I live by Fountain Creek, which is now a freeway. My brother and I with friends would swing across the creek on metal cables hung in the cottonwood trees by the workers who constructed the Golden Cycle Railroad from the mill up to Cripple Creek, CO where the gold was. The mill was on the hill up beyond the creek, now with houses sit on moving sand from the milling. At the creek, the faeries flutter with the other woodland spirits along with horses, frogs, snakes, birds and the little minions that swam there. That is where I met my faery who has traveled with me. I got her on paper after about 35 years of trying to get her to settle, which she did on a dandelion, and her name became Rhyonna.

10) Why do I like to write on, and what drives you to finish?
The community talks to each other with personal comments. One wonderful place to meet all ages, all genres --> writers, all wording rough draft stories. My followers drive me to finish a book because they are interested in reading, vote and leave constructive comments, which are much different than other social media sites.

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