Tuesday, August 15, 2017

READ: FIRE, the Hunger

'FIRE, the Hunger' is on WATTPAD!

With the help of NaNoWriCamp and the Clarion Foundation Write-a-Thon for challenge and motivation, I finished the series of stories, 'FIRE, the Hunger', to be read as an e-book, coming soon to ebook store.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fire, the Hunger

Read on Wattpad
Once there was FIRE; the gods controlled and protected FIRE, only the humans wanted its warmth and light from the cold and dark during the night. A god Kaang warned that if the Humans used FIRE, the animals and trees would no longer talk to them. Hummingbird, Beaver, Grandma Spider, and the Monkeys secured FIRE. Then a human Hunter stole FIRE for his warmth and light and cooked animal flesh, which caused fear, havoc, and destruction of human harmony on Mother Earth.

FIRE is hypnotic, enchanting, and a furious eater to be controlled by the Humans with confinement. These stories are compiled from folktales and segued to tell the consequences once humans had FIRE.