Thursday, January 21, 2021

Damsels Overcome coming August 30, 2021 to bookstores!

All tradition tales between 12th to the18th centuries written in male narratives dominated literature, even today keeping male norms. Selected for my book are 20 folktales from my child reading and adult storytelling, which influence my thinking that ‘women were the servers, helpless, hysterical, unworthy, and weak.’ I thought these defined me as a female and shaped my reality. However, the powers damsels’ have reveal skills they used to survive and today change the dominated narratives, so we all have equality. 

While I enhanced, adapted, and re-image the folktales into a female narrative I discovered ⇾ that damsels are not weak, helpless, and to be saved. This collection included bits of my beliefs as a child, young adult, and the insights of my old crone about these traditional tales and the male norms. 

Men are also victims of these norms.