Asian Stories - AtoZ 2017

Tuesday, August 13, 2019



The only way I could see and converse with Rhyonna was on a dandelion. Otherwise she flitted and flew between the sunshine rays. Finally, after my first poetic 25-page draft and read by my writing group in 1984, Rhyonna realized I was serious and sat on the dandelion

After many editor rejections, 120, and a known author copied the essence of my tale for a movie (HE GOT FAMOUS), I e-published Rhyonna's story tred of all publishing, my turn.

Now, I think Rhyonna is trapped on the dandelion. I feel bad.

MY HOPE IS she entered the vast internet and flitters around here and there enjoying herself as a fairy does.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

The challenging goat, nanny.

Read on Wattpad.
This story, ‘The Troll Bridge’ a Nordic European folktale, that has many versions. The telling is about retaliation against tyranny. Here is my take on the story, which is again full of symbols and analogies, especially ‘Whose tramping over my bridge?' and 'I will eat anyone who wants to pass over.' The troll's role taken from the Valkyries who guarded the Bridge to Heaven and took offerings from those warriors who passed. So Father Troll guards his hand-made bridge to abundant, tasty flowers and grains in a meadow across a raging river.

I have fractured, enhanced, re-imaged, fabricated, and elaborated this folktale. The challenging goat is a female because as a child, only males won - I wanted to win!  I noticed, even today, my spell checker wanted billy capitalized and not the nanny. So on we go today with outdated prejudices!