Thursday, December 21, 2017

Part 9 - Bertha Digby restores the woods.

There are those among us that love Mother Earth and help heal hurts of FIRE. Because of a squirrel, Bertha Digby with her enthusiasm and the animals’ as her helpers, the destroyed woods grew into a forest mightier than the burnt woods.

To this day, Bertha Digby's great, great, grand children guard the trees, bushes, and flowers while directing the visiting humans to walk on the paths and keep campfires in pits. I respect great, great, grandmother's Bertha Digby's work who saved the woods for all of us: the animals and the humans. My hope is that today we respect the wild woods and the animals and help to preserve them from human predators, who are as greedy as FIRE.



I prepared these last stories before FIRE raged in our Northern California that destroyed 7,000 homes and business and ravaged thousand and thousand of areas forests. My daughter and her family and many of our relatives lived in this area; their homes were spared many of their friend's homes burnt. Animals were not spared as the FIRE roared and eat. About 26 years ago in the East Bay Area of San Francisco, a ravaging FIRE came four blocks from our home. Many of my friends lost years of memories and all they had.

Now, FIRE is ravaging the Los Angeles area; their losses are incredible.

This folktale is to honor all animals or humans who restore our FORESTS, others destroy by one means or other. FIRE is the worst of predators eating everything, humans are second.

Bertha Digby was published as 'Saving the Woods' pages 67 - 69, in an anthology published by the 4th Street Studio's Saturday Salons, The Livermore Wine Country Literary Harvest, © 2006.

Read 'Bertha Digby restores the woods.' on Wattpad.

Saturday, December 16, 2017

Part 8 - FIRE eats everything.

The Hunters stole their FIRE. The one who stole FIRE showed the other hunters how to hold their sticks, far enough away so the flames wouldn't devour the flesh, close enough so FIRE feasted only on the juices that dripped from the yams, squash, and fish.

With each drop of juice that fell into FIRE, the hunters watched flames flare and heard the sizzling greed of FIRE's appetite.

The children placed their emptied cooking sticks into FIRE and the ends burnt into a glowing embers. They danced turning around swinging the sticks back-and-forth. The gleaming ends burst into flames. Seeing the dancing and hearing laughter, Lord Wind thought he might help with the fun.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Part 7 - The Monkeys show FIRE to a Hunter.

Grandma Spider explained and showed her cousins how the Sky People contained FIRE. "Dig a hole in the earth for a pit. Sit stones around this hole for a hearth and fill with wood to feed FIRE.” She placed the spark of light on the wood. "Trees hold FIRE which will burn and make warm light. Always thank the trees that give FIRE.” 

Only the Monkeys took the offering back to their jungle. The Monkeys sat around the light and heat and held sticks with yams within the reaching flickers of FIRE. A lost Hunter smelled the sweetness of the cooking yams and saw FIRE. Moving towards the Monkeys, he felt the heat, the warmth of the dancing light. Hunter desired FIRE’s powers. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Part 6 - Grandma Spider Finds Light.

Too well the animals know the dangers of FIRE.

As FIRE burned the trees in the woods; and the animals could smell their flesh burnt by FIRE. The horrifying taunting flames of warmth and light were a threatening, teasing, terrifying killer. Through the trees an evil villain had arrived. Still the animals wanted to see in the darkness, they feared the wind that howled at them, and they dreaded the cold. They needed light, not fire, tiny Grandma Spider offered, “I will bring the light."

Monday, November 13, 2017

Part 5 - Beaver shares FIRE.

FIRE was stolen by Hummingbird Quinde from the hearth of the great man, Taquea, and carried to the Pine trees by his tail feathers. Only the people were warm and could see in the darkness while the animals trembled in feared of the night darkness and did not have the warmth so complained about the darkness and cold at night. Plus, the other trees wanted to be holders of FIRE. Bearer watched the Pines enjoying FIRE and wanted to give to all the trees for warmth. 

Beaver helps realizing none of the horrors of FIRE.


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Part 4 - Hummingbird steals FIRE.

The animals watched how the gods kept FIRE in their volcanoes. Their desire for warmth and comfort from the darkness of night was overbearing. Hummingbird Quinde decided to find out about FIRE. He wanted to know and why Humans and animals wanted FIRE. There was a man of the eastern Ecuadorian people, the great Taquea, who had FIRE.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Part 3 - The Gods control FIRE.

The Humans knew the gods controlled FIRE and lived in the volcanoes. The gods used the glowing fluid lava to created jewels, silver, and golden ores. These forged as gifts for service to their brothers and sisters. Man craved FIRE and its vast offering of treasures, warmth, and power.

However, FIRE can be dangerous, because FIRE eats everything; FIRE has a ferocious appetite. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Part 2 - Goddess Pele's Anger

Pele is the creator of many gods.

Whenever Pele was angered, upset, scared or had any emotion like jealousy, she wrapped with fire and lava flowed from her. This scared her brothers and sisters.

Since that ancient time, the gods lived in volcanoes and protected FiIRE. God Kaang warned, "When humans get FIRE there would distrust and no harmony between humans and animals."

READ Goddess Pele's Anger.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Part 1 - Humans desire FIRE.

Read 'FIRE the Hunger'.

Humans knew the gods controlled FIRE and lived in the volcanoes. The gods used the glowing lava to created jewels, silver, and golden ores. These forged as gifts for service to their brothers and sisters. Man craved FIRE and its vast offering of treasures and warmth.

However, FIRE came with danger, because FIRE eats everything; FIRE has a ferocious appetite.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

READ: FIRE, the Hunger

'FIRE, the Hunger' is on WATTPAD!

With the help of NaNoWriCamp and the Clarion Foundation Write-a-Thon for challenge and motivation, I finished the series of stories, 'FIRE, the Hunger', to be read as an e-book, coming soon to ebook store.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Fire, the Hunger

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Once there was FIRE; the gods controlled and protected FIRE, only the humans wanted its warmth and light from the cold and dark during the night. A god Kaang warned that if the Humans used FIRE, the animals and trees would no longer talk to them. Hummingbird, Beaver, Grandma Spider, and the Monkeys secured FIRE. Then a human Hunter stole FIRE for his warmth and light and cooked animal flesh, which caused fear, havoc, and destruction of human harmony on Mother Earth.

FIRE is hypnotic, enchanting, and a furious eater to be controlled by the Humans with confinement. These stories are compiled from folktales and segued to tell the consequences once humans had FIRE.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Survivor of April2017 #AtoZChallenge


During April 2016 Camp NaNoWriMo, I wrote a story a day that I tell verbally. These stories were just outlined for tellling at events. April 2017, I entered the #AtoZBlog challenge to post a daily 'teaser' for the story on my blog The Story Realm. Also, the completed story was posted daily at my site on for my followers to read. The double challenge is the best way to link the stories and reached readers. 

The super best are the links The StoryRealm has links to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and this blog goes to my Amazon page. I used these to send 'teaser' for the story to followers.

So written daily, a story was posted on many sites for visits and comments from my followers. I have successfully written a story daily and notified my followers because I was under pressure at Camp NaNoWriMo to finish the project. So, I say, take all challenges, do your best, and while working on a project 'web' publish so others can see your progress.

THANK YOU all at CAMP NaNoWriMo and #AtoZchallenge ---> I'm one who needs a challenge and a goal to feel success, especially the bonus of the certificates that state, 'WINNER' and 'SURVIVOR' which were earned and well deserved.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dancing Tiger - #AtoZChallenge

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#8 Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

Tiger hears drumming as in the court of the Heavenly Prince, and see a young man that resembles the Prince. Tiger leaves the cave and dances behind the man. He dances from city to city for celebrations. Tiger goes to “the old man of the mountain” ten year celebration. Here the Heavenly Prince comes for Tiger; together they visit mountain celebrations in Korea.

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The Healing - #AtoZChallenge

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#7 Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

Tiger injured, starving, and hides in a cave, humiliated.  Finding the Tiger, the woman approaches, “My husband is emotionally injured by the wars. A shaman told me to bring him a whisker from a live tiger to heal him.” The young woman looks like Bear Maiden. Tiger allows the woman to feed him. After, his paw heals; he gives her a whisker. She brings her husband to meet Tiger, who is gratified and stays in the cave until he hears a drum play.

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Friday, April 28, 2017

The Pleasant - #AtoZChallenge

#6 Korean Stories
The Taming of Tiger

Tiger becomes extremely careful because Rabbit tricked him twice. The miller (agriculture), the second son of the First Emperor, travels milling grains with his stones for the farmers. When Tiger chases pheasants to eat (Buddhist), the miller, who looks like the Heavenly Prince, throws a millstone and hurts Tiger’s front paw. Wanting revenge, Tiger plans to eat the miller. The pheasant rings a temple bell causing Tiger to lose his power.

I re-arranged characters to fit the Korean landscape and combine the story within a story to suit my tale of ’Taming of Tiger,’ which I told in the Asian Art Galleries 2002 to 2012.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: #AtoZChallenge - 4-28-2017 - Letter X

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tiger and the Pit, #AtoZChallenge

#5 Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

Tricked by the small Cousin Rabbit, Tiger is more humble and carefully crawls through the woods, which are now filled with hunters. Tiger falls into a pit dug for catching pigs. The totem carver (Shamanism) is a son of the First Earthly Emperor. Dan-Gum. The carver helps Tiger out of the pit, as Tiger is the Guard of the West and King of the Beasts. To Tiger the carver resembles the Heavenly Prince only does not smell like him and too long and thin. When tiger wants to eat the carver, Cousin Rabbit who tricked Tiger before tricks Tiger back into the pit.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: #AtoZChallenge - 4-27-2016 - Letter W

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Tiger and FISH - #AtoZChallenge

#4 - Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

At this time, Tiger has with Shaman powers, is King of Beast and Guard of the West. He travels into Korea searching for the Heavenly Prince. Tiger climbs to the mountain where the Prince entered earth. Tiger finds the palace in rubble with no scent of the Heavenly Prince.

The tiger becomes a tyrant, (Governers use of stick Confucianism). As a vain and arrogant ruler, he bullies the beasts and taunts the forest with cruel, selfish rules, and wasteful greed. Cousin Rabbit tricks Uncle Tiger and leaves great Tiger with his tail frozen in the river.

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The First Prince and Tiger Die - #AtoZChallenge

#3 Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

By now the First Earthy son, Dan-Gum of the Heavenly Prince is the first Emperor. He dies as ‘the old man of the mountain’ and gives his mother's, Bear Maiden, gifts to his children. The daughter received clay and pottery; her husband is in the army. The oldest son gifted a rope, gourd, and bamboo stick, the totem carver. The second gifted the mill stones, the miller. The youngest son gifted the drums, the musician. They traveled on different paths to meet in ten years to honor their father at the feast 'the old man of the mountain'.

Tiger died on his way to see the Heavenly Prince, Hwan-Ung. Revived by three unwise Brahmins, Tiger eats them. In a cage he is carried back to the Mong Mountains and left.

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Monday, April 24, 2017

Heavenly Prince is King, #AtoZChallenge

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#2 Korean Stories -
The Taming of TIGER

The Heavenly Prince, Hwan-Ung, tells his Father he will rule this new land. When he arrives, he asks Bear and Tiger to be the first people. Tiger who rather be free leaves the cave and hides in the trees to watch for Bear. Tiger sees Bear Maiden, who becomes the first woman. She dances with the Heavenly Prince, who gives her a child, the first Earthly Man, Dan-Gum. The Korean Emperors claimed they ascended from the Heavenly Prince.

Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: #AtoZChallenge - 4-24-2017 - Letter T

Creation, TIGER - #AtoZChallenge

#1 Korean Stories,
The Taming of TIGER

The Heavenly Princess loses her sacred golden fish in the waters below heaven. Tiger spirit, Guard of the West, who guards the heavenly palace for the Heavenly Father, Hwam-In, the sun god, calls Tiger to find his daughter’s jeweled fish. Tiger jumps into the waters which cover what we know as Korea. He sifts the waters and packs the mud finding the golden fish with some of the jewels missing.
Later in time, Tiger, as we know him, roams the Korean woods as Guard of the West and King of the Beasts then travels beyond.

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Friday, April 21, 2017

SITA RESCUED from Ravana, #AtoZChallenge

Sita and the Ramayana

Many battles later many Rakshasas, brother Kumbhakarma, son Indrajet, and now Daemon Ravana, who was obsessed with owning someone not his was dead. Sita freed and Angi, the Fire God, for Rama, proved that Site was always the pure, faithful loyal wife.

Indra, the God of the Heavens brought Rama’s father, Dasaratha, in a chariot to witness, and Sita's father, Janaka, presented her again to Rama.

Flowers fell from the sky. Bells ring!
Rama and Sita went back to Ayodhya to be King and Queen.

Rama, Rama, preserver of the worlds,
Loyal Sita served you with her heart.

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Bridge, Battles of the Ramayana, #AtoZChallenge

Sita and the Ramayana

After Hanuman finds Sita on Lanka, he burns the city with his tail, then he jumps back to tell Rama. The Monkey King Sugriva, the Bears, and the Lions build a bridge of stones and logs across the sea to the Palace of the Deamon Ravana, who brags that these are mere men and animals and can't harm him. He is Rakshasa Emperor and can not be killed. He tells Sita that in four days he plans to kill her. Ravana shows Sita the head of Rama. Her Rakshasa friend, Trijata, said the head was an allusion. As a wasp, Trijata will find out and tell Sita what happens. Her husband, the youngest brother of Ravana, Vibhishana, is vanished from the court because he told Ravana to give Sita back. He helps Rama, Lakshman, and Hanuman with the battles.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Sita meets Hanuman, #AtoZChallenge

Sita and the Ramayana 

“Rama’s ring!” said Sita.A white haired, red faced, brown, yellow-eyed, a monkey with golden earrings jumped from the tree and smiled. “Faithful Sita. I am Hanuman, son of the Wind. Rama befriended me; I wear the prophesied earrings for helping Rama. I have come to find you.”

“Hanuman, friend Rama’s, tell me what you know. I am hungry for news of Rama.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Daemon Ravana, #AtoZChallenge

Sita and the Ramayana

Each time we visited, Trijata brought me a gift of fruits, perfumes, or fresh vegetables, I finally asked the question, “Where did Ravana come from, and why the ten heads and twenty arms?” Trijata said, “This is a long family history from God Brahma, I will tell the best I can.”

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Banished and Abducted, #AtoZChallenge

Sita and the Ramayana

The great Hindi Ramayana is a story of dharma about a son’s, Rama’s, duty and loyalty to father’s words, regardless of the consequences. With his loyal faithful wife, Sita, and brother Lakshman banished from the Koshala Kingdom for fourteens. Then Sita abducted by the ten-headed twenty-eyed daemon Ravana for revenge for killing Rakshasas his daemons.

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Birth, Love, and Marriage of Stia, #AtoZChallenge



To conquer Ravana, God Vishnu comes to earth in the form of an early man, Rama, and lives in Ayodhya. Goddess Lakshmi comes to the earth born in a furrow by the Earth Mother to King Janaka of Videha, as a earthly woman, Sita.

Rama wins the hand of Sita, daughter of the King Janata of Videha, by breaking a huge bow given by God Shiva. None of the other suitors could lift the lid of the chest, let alone lift the bow and pull the string. Sita agrees to marry Rama, and Sita sister marries Rama’s brother Lakshman.

Friday, April 14, 2017

God Indra's Anger, #AtoZChallenge



Ravana, the ten-headed twenty-armed daemon attacked the Heavenly Palace housing the poets, musicians, singers, and dancers and where the golden Ganges began. The gods watched from their heavenly positions; the earthly gods came from their temples, and the demons watched from the underworlds. The creator of the worlds, God Brahma, in meditation to keep time alive stood; the protector of the worlds, God Vishnu, woke from his dream; the destroy of the worlds, God Shiva, stepped down from his meditation and watched.

Anger drove Indra. On his white three-headed elephant Airavata, he raced to God Brahma, who sat on the lotus flower waiting.

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