Saturday, April 30, 2016

ZOOM, an Amazing Adventure

Zoom, an Amazing Adventure, an original story - 1984
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ZOOM - An Amazing Adventure

ZEAL, zealous, zealot, zest, zestful —> ZANY

This ABC picture book started with the first graders I taught in Anchorage, Alaska, 1967 and 1968. I put up a list of words each day, and the students wrote a story or drew a picture. They were 5 or 6 years old; so in 2016 these children are now 48 to 50. I hope they have prosperous lives.

 Thank-you, story lovers for reading, may you have the most 😊 affable 😊 amazing 😊 adventure with your storytelling, verbal or written!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Sparrow's Gift - Japanese Shinto Tale

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YONDER, youthful, yarn, young, yet —> YEARN

The Tongue-cut Sparrow or as I call the story, Sparrow’s Giftis a Japanese folktale that tells much about the Shinto beliefs, which are ancient, very ancient, and unwritten. The oldest records are from pieces of pottery showing birds, who were the Tarii spirits. The vital force is Komi, which is in all nature, everything is alive even rocks. To walk through the gate, Shinto - the medicine way, one must wash and then call the spirits. The ancients from 2,000 AD and earlier called this the Honey Way.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

X-ing a STORY? Cock and Hen

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 X-ING the act of crossing out something not liked, not good, not understood, not useful, or just -->  X

Some stories just don't fit the storyteller- and the Cock and the Hen is one for me.

A cock and the hen go to nut mountain with the agreement
each will divide the nut with the other.
Hen eats hers, and the big kernel sticks in her throat.
She asks the cock to get water.
The brook says it needs red silk before he will give the cock the water.
Cock gets the red silk after he fetches the bride’s garland from the tree.
By the time he takes the water to the hen she has died.
The cock grieves.

Six mice build a cart and pull the hen.
A fox talks to the cock and asks to follow.
Wolf, bear, stag, lion and all the beasts followed from the woods.
They come to a brook.
A straw lays itself across the stream but slips and the mice tumble and drown.
Coal lays across the stream but hisses and dies.
Stone touch by pity lays across the stream. Cock drew the dead hen across.
When drawing the others across, the cart turns over and all drown.
Cock builds a mound for the hen.
Then he lamented so sore that at last he dies.
And so they are all dead together.

Do you have any ideal what this story means or is talking about, or just guess, leave your comments below. Check my musing on wattpad for my take on the story.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Bear and Heavenly Son, Creation Myth - Korean

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Bear and Heavenly Son – Creation Myth from Korean

WORTH, want, wonderful, watchful, warm, whole, wealthy, willful, willing, wise, wonder, wanderer —> WORRIED

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is about Bear, Tiger and the Heaven’s Son, a creation myth from Korean. Creation myths can be changed to suit the leaders of a country, as done by every, every conqueror since the early battles for territory. The victories broadcasted in paintings on rock, in temples, palaces, in verbal stories, then written, and now photographs, viewed in movies, on TV news, and now on our computers. Story changes to suit the place, time, and teller, as all good stories and history does. Can we believe what we hear or what we see? Some say we do believe what is written. I wonder, Why?

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


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The Silver Dragon and  Golden Phoenix and the Pearl

VALUE, vital, vivid, vigorous, virtue, valiant, virtue, vision, voice, valuable, valued, vigor, vibrant --> VICTIM

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is about a pearl and its value to dragons and the moon.

Before there was anything, there was Yin, the heavy, material of the earth, and Yang, the light material of the sky, circling in chaos through the sky the might Milky Way. P’angu, the First Dragon was born from an egg that came from their chaos. P’angu gave us the Silver Dragon, the Golden Phoenix, the Unicorn and the Tortoise, and his dreams. When he died, P’angu  gave us China. He left his father Yang, the sky and Yang, and his mother the earth, Yin.

The ancients drew Queen Mother and King Father as serpents with human heads. As thousands of years passed, Yang became the King Father of the East. Yin became the Queen Mother of the West. Eventually, both became humans, dressed in the finest golden silk embroidered with dragons stitched with bright colors. They are Celestial Dragons that hold up the heavens and lived in the royal temple on a high golden mountain that reached 333 thousand feet high into the middle of the sky. They had nine sons and twenty-nine daughters. P’angu's brother drew the Sun God’s chariot through the sky. The Sun God helped the first Dynasty, yellow Dragon, The Sun God gave medicines and herbs and the five crop stone to the farmers.

After P’angu died his friends, the Sliver Dragon and the Golden Phoenix, stayed in the Milky Way, the universe. One day they found a stone and the Queen Mother wants the magic.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Farmer's Fest

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Farmers Fest -
English European Folktale

UPRIGHT,  useful, unusual, ultimate, unique, urge, usual, unlimited, upright, usual, understanding --> UNCANNY.
Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is about a farmer’s fest to invite the animals into his barn and service. A rooster does the bidding for the farmer, possibly for territory! While Raven does the warning about the farmer. A one of a kind folktale in Andrew Lang collection in the Brown Fairy Book. Once thought to violent for children. I read the books when in the 6th and 7th grades. I would bike to the West Side Library in Colorado City with my best friend. My reading scores went up from a non-reader to excellent plus I learned about the cultures of the Europe and Middle East. All that reading of Lang, Grimm, and the other great collectors and my grammar and spelling skills are my nemesis, or possibly because of the grammar and spelling from those times.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Fire Came to the Humans

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A to Z Blogging Challenge
How Fire Came to the  Humans

TREASURE, terrific, tack, tasteful, trained, thrift, trustful, treat, tender, thrive, tolerant, thorough, tough, tremendous, thoughtful --> TAUNT, TRAGIC, TEASE, THREAT, TERRIFY

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is from the ancient creative myths. These stories are from around the earth: Pele's fire given only to the gods, Kaang's warning, Prometheus' gift then punishment, and Humming bird gave fire to the trees causing distrust and tragedy for the animals. Remember, the ancient, primitive cultures traveled and traded wares. So story traveled as did the entrancing, taunting FIRE.

Friday, April 22, 2016


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Julnar of the Sea,
Tales from the Arabian 1001 Nights

SPECIAL, stable, sensible, satisfied, sleek, splendid, soft, scholar, safe, strong, sturdy, shrewd, significant, supportive, steady, sensitive, strength, super, superb, social, smooth, swift, successful, sweet, sympathetic -->  SPOIL

Welcome lovers of STORY! Today story is about how to set-up a tradition tale for telling, the how-to made simple. Julnar of the Sea will be the example story, ancient and well crafted maybe too long and involved, a story within a story. The teller, Sacheherazade, had her motives for telling about Julnar. Of course, it is a story to create success for herself, a concubine, scholar and good storyteller. 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Enid and Geraint

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Story from the Mabinogion, the Welsh Myths 

REASONABLE, radiate, realistic, refreshing, rogue, remarkable, responsible, refine, responsive, relish, reliable, royal, resourceful, respectable, robust -->  RAGE

Today’s story is about Knight Geraint, an irresponsible lover, who takes his wife, Lady Enid, on a long perilous quest to prove he is the grand warrior (her Night in Shining Armor) still worthy of her admiration. Told in the first person with a point of view from Lady Enid, who is the daughter of Earl Ynywl, and wife to Lord Geraint from the Arthurian Court. (added later). This is an ancient tale and versions cross between Wales and France - Brittany, a classic! Maybe a bit of Germanic influence included. Stories did cross with the traders, the troubadours, which rode in the trading routes.

Check out, The Mabinogion, The Welsh Mythology, the books of translation were by Lady Charlotte Guest. The site includes more Classic European Myths and Legends.

Another good site is Timeless Myths, Arthurian Legends, Erec and Enide,
Tales of the Knights, created by Jimmy Joe, all rights, 10/2006.

Rhyonna's Fright, a challenge

Rhyonna, after meeting her challenge, can fly.
Hey, Rhyonna's Flight has bloomed ! After 35 plus years of wording and critiques, the complete story then again revised and revised, the story is FINISHED as of April 2016.

Young and old,  lovers of the FaeryFolk,  Rhyonna is flying and wants you to read her story.

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Ruler of Birds

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Ruler of Birds,  an Irish Folktale

Q – QUICK, quaint, qualified, quality, quiet, quest --> quarrel - QUIT

The flight of birds is the envy of people because of the power to see the earth.

Wren Day, “The origin may be a Samhain or midwinter sacrifice and/or celebration, as Celtic mythology considered the wren a symbol of the past year (the European wren is known for its habit of singing even in mid-winter."  Wikipedia

“Wrann, Wrann, the Ruler of Birds” is a ballad. (Can't find it!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Magic Paintbrush

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 The Magic Paint Brush 

P – PASSION, playful, peaceful, polite, patient, pleasant, powerful, poised, practical, precious, popular, prosperous, pleased --> POSSESSIVE

Ma LiAng is a Chinese legend, supposedly about a Emperor of that name, from the Golden Dragons (between 200 to 1800), the period of golden prosperity where young men studied the three perfections: Art, Poetry and Calligraphy and were call Dragons of the Court. A poor boy, Ma LiAng wants to learn to paint but has no money and family all killed in the many wars. Always he draws either in the sand or the wet dirt. Finally, he is given a magic brush by the Queen of the West, Mother of the Dragons. The brush can only paint for the ‘good of the people.’A greedy Emperor desires Ma LiAng’s magic, and will destroy to get what he covets: gold, dragons and the Phoenix.  I have used the story to tell what an artist does to create a work of ART!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Tatsuko, Dragon Princess

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 OBEDIENT, original, orderly, okay, organized, outlandish, outstanding, obliged, observant, occupied, opinionated, open-minded, opportunist, own -- > OPPRESS.

Tatsuko, Dragon Princess
Japan was settled in the 16th-century by generals, who make Japan one very prosperous nation. The 17th-century saw the rise of Kyoto where the rich occupied the fantasy of fashion, courtesans, and eventually the geisha, which means persons of art: conversation, dance, music, preforming the tea ceremony, reading literature, and fine calligraphy, well educated. 1730’s Both men and women were Geishas. They entertained like the jesters in the European courts. By 1780s Geishas were mostly women under strict governmental regulation, not licensed prostitutes. Geishas lived in Tea Houses to offer their entertainments of the arts. The famous Japanese Tea Ceremony is associated with Geisha. Their fashions supported the merchants shops: the gown - the Komodo; fans; hair dressing and wigs; make-up; instruments, and musicians. The story of Tatsuko, Dragon Princess is about a poor maiden who gets her wish to become a rainbow dragon and brings gifts of fish to her mother and village.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hare in the Moon

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N – NOBLE, natural, neat, necessary, nice, needed, normal, nourishes, noticeable, notable ---> NOTHING

Why is Rabbit associated with the moon when she is not a night creature maybe because the moon is associated with woman power and Rabbit is symbolized as a healer or MUSE.

Rabbit is in the Chinese zodiac and in their moon. Pangue, the first Dragon died and leaves his body to make China. In doing so his left eye floated into the sky and became the moon, giving herbs to the peoples. Rabbit ground the spices and herbs in the  early medicines for the earthly people. Later the ancient Chinese, the God of Farming changes rabbit into a Goddess, who gives medicines to the peoples.

So it is said this is one a Buddhist teaching tales from his 500 lives he lived before he was born as Buddha. So this tale is at least 3000 years old and beyond because travelers carry their stories from place to place.

The rabbit or the hare is a popular mystical creature in the stories of the Nordic and Celtic tribes. Rabbit is a serving creature and is sometimes noted as a goddess with different names, akin to Ostara, whose bird turns into a bunny that gave eggs to children “estrus”,  hence, our Easter bunny, the giver of eggs in spring.

Brave Rabbit also tricks tiger in the Korean folklore. Rabbit is the common folk and Tiger of the ruling class.

Rabbit serves by giving (her greatest sacrifice) as in this telling when Rabbit serves the great Japanese Sky God and saves her friends. HARE and the MOON

Friday, April 15, 2016

Eating Monsters

A to Z Blog Challenge
Tonight I walk by a monster.
It eats me.
Now, I am a monster. 
When I walk by a smaller monster, I eat it.
Now, I am a bigger monster.
I suck the little monsters from the bushes.
I eat them. Now, I am many monsters. 
We stroll down the streets.
We see only eyes.  We eat them.
Now, we see better.
Monsters are everywhere.
We eat them.
Now, we are everything.
I eat myself.
As darkness swallows, the sun raises.

See the whole post at, the Might Alphabet
This poem is part of the emotional Themes for the AtoZ Challenge.
Weird that I put Eating Monsters in the alphabet.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Poet and Peony

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The Poet and the Peony

L – LOVE, logical, limber, liable, lovely, lively, love, loyal, light, likeable, lucky, listens ---> LONELY

Since Li Chi and other brave warriors kept worms and serpents out of China, and after many wars, and the closing of the silk roads, comes  the age of the Golden Dragon, the Song Dynasty 400 to 1400 centuries. China was very prosperous.

A young scholar had completed his training in the three perfections, poetry, art and calligraphy. Prince Yu of China, with Turtle, a best friend of the first dragon Paguo, carved the Yellow River, they designed raging rapids over the steep rocks. Prince Yu said, “Whatever fish jumps rocks becomes a dragon.” So now this young scholar is a dragon of the Golden Court of the Song Dynasty. He seeks his health, fortune, and a love he never expected.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


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  K – KNOW,  kind, knack, kindred, kinetic, knowledgeable, keen, kindly ---> KIDDING

'Three times and your are out,'
 or best known as ‘The Boy who Cried, Wolf!'

'The boy who cried wolf! an Aesop Fable, which has many versions over thousands of year told as a cautionary, warning tale, an allegory about needing help vs attention getting and the consequences, which makes an ever lasting story true at all time. More resent books and websites with Aesop’s Fables are cute mainly for children, when these parables started in ancient times as adult cautionary tales or gossip from India through Greece, Aesop wrote them down, through Europe and to us.

The Aesop's Fable are save to copy but WHEN TELLING OR WRITING any STORY:
TIP: Check as many source as possible three at the most,  then compile together a story, storytellers can adapt, enhances, re-image, fabricate, embroidery, and modify any open domain folktale with fitting plot and characters to make a story with many variations. Think about all the stories seen read or heard with the theme, never call wolf, lair.
TIP: If the tale too well known, don’t stray for the pack! Create something new, a huge fabrication!
TIP: AND always give  . . . credit that is due to those who have gone before!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


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RHYONNA'S FRIGHT,  a joyful journey!

Now,  the last bit of the jibber and jabber from the jestful, jolly, jubilant spirits to have their story read.

Check out for the chapter on Faery Fun!

Buy the book.

Tiger and the Fish

A to B Blog Challenge
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I - ingenious, intelligent, imaginative, important, immersed, interested, involved, incredible, innocent, illuminate, impressive, intense, incite, industrious, idealistic, introvert, imitate, impulsive, incisive, influence, ignite  ---> IDLE.

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Rabbit, although very small, is to rib Uncle Tiger or intimidate the large beast into letting the Cousins live in peace, only to take what he needs, not to be greedy. The tale told in Korea spoke about the government officials who is Tiger, and the peoples under Tiger's rule, the cousins. The story is in three parts usually preformed in a dance with the drummers and string instruments, most of the time with a sense of humor as not to insult the officials. Both Uncle Tiger and Cousin Rabbit are in the Zodiac. Tiger is passionate, ambitious, brave, confident, impulsive, and powerful: he is third because he swam across the Yellow River. Rabbit is who fourth and sociable, generous, artistic, intuitive, and modest; she hopped across the Yellow River in the contest to see what animals would be in the Chinese Zodiac. Fish denotes good luck, and prosperity, plenty.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Li Chi, Worm Slayer

A to Z Blogging Challenge
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 Li Chi, Worm Slayer

HEROINE, honorable, helpful, humble, happy, harmony, honest, healthy, humorous, having, has, holds, hope --> a negative is HARM!

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The Silk Road was opened  during and after the Black Dragon 100 BC. Trading brought outside beliefs, warriors, and conquerors into China because the Emperors who ruled China, at that time were many and bidding war against each other. With the start of the Chin Dynasty about 220 AD, heroes helped displace these worms and serpents who threatened the protective wise dragons. Li Chi is such a heroine who helped start the Golden Dynasty of the Golden Dragons, who gain control of China’s prosperity and harmony lasted for generations.

Li Chi is the youngest daughter of a farmer who had no sons. She watched as the Sorceress and the Magistrate collected rice from her father and mother to save her older sister from the worm that live on the mountain. She will the serpent.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Hood Red

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A to B Blogger Challenge
G for gentle, gallant, genuine, good-willed, generous, genius, good, good-natured, gorgeous, great, grand, and grateful, all that granny and the innocent child are, the positives. The wolf is ghastly, gloomy, gnarled, graved, groping, gruff, and guilty, the negatives, GRIM.

 British Museum
Wolves were important to the forests, but not to the farmers taking over the woods, So the wolf, the first tamed animal helping the ancient hunters, now our pet dog, in the middle ages of farming, became the veil, gruff, gnarled animal. I can imagine why the wolf is in survival mode.

Today's wolf is one who tries to fool a con, which can be grim, which is eating and stocking, or worse in our horror stories. Young girls are not to talk to strangers, because that person may be in a wolf’s coat or as in this 18th century folktale dressed in granny’s clothing.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Granny is sipping a cup of tea in a comfortable, loving, safe and secure place with the help of the wood ‘would’ cutter in her basket of tricks. Granny’s house is the end of the journey and that Hooded Red traveled through many wolves to become an old grandmother and no wolf is going to eat her. This is my enhanced, re-imaged story!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

THE TROLL BRIDGE - atozchallenge

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A to B Blogging Challenge


F – FEARLESS, flexible, forgiving, fun, furious, fame, fanciful, fascination, flourish, festive, fierce, fragile, fit, fore-site, frank, forthright, fortunate, feel, firm, focus, forceful --> the negative for the story would be FLUSTERED.

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The story from, ‘The Three Billy Goat Gruff’, a Nordic European folktale, that has many versions and told for motivation against tyranny. This is my take on the story, which is again full of symbols and analogies, especially word ‘Whose tramping over my bridge’. Analogy of a goat defeating the toll master, a troll, which makes a lasting folktale. The bridge is to entice the goats, who are sure footed, balanced, flexible climber to walk over the bridge as they do up a steep mountain. Their horns called horns of plenty have the abilities to fight to survive with enemies. Goats are survivors of a fierce climate. The troll does not know what or whom he entangles in his hunger. As in Norse folklore, a troll sits under bridge and will eat any one who wants to pass over, his role most likely taken from the Valkyries who guard the Bridge to Heaven and took offerings from those who pass. So this troll guards a handmade bridge to fertile food across the raging river
in a meadow. Of course, the goats long and desire the sweet feast.