Thursday, July 2, 2020


Writing for me is a long, tedious process because my
nemesis is spelling. I'm finding that each spell-checker uses different rules for spelling and grammar corrections, almost like hiring four different proof-editors.

Scrivener, where I write has a spell check;
when downloaded to word.docx I spell-checker again. 
then uploads to google .docs, they have checkers. Next cut and paste into for the last check.

Recently I found out, checks all my google blogs,, all my Facebook messages, my emails, Bublish, and wattpad, AMAZING, an 'all in one'.
My beta readers have their corrections;
Lastly, uploads into Bublish and Wattpad use Grammarly and well as my page of Facebook, and my blogs; and and

I feel safe, my antagonist watched, and I have protection by rules.

However, now, the for/four, tale/tail/tell, and from/for, than/then, /by/bye/buy be/me recent/resent, etc. have loomed.