Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elfn and Faery Homes Repaired

Today was a busy day for Grandma Bobbie, as she started painting the Troll houses for Harian's family. OH, MY, was Harian on her. He wanted his house brown. When she finally found the brown paint he was fine.  He did not want the yellow snowflakes on his house. "No way!" He stomped around causing houses to topple all over Grandma Bobbie's painting studio. Bobbie told Harian, "I have no white paint." Harion yelled,  "You just paint what you wanted." Harion is a large giant. Bobbie responded, "Harion, to remind everyone you are from Iceland, I use the snowflakes. Yellow is power." Finally he did like the yellow snowflakes. Then he argued,  "NO! Not a purple door." "I'll repaint it tomorrow." "And no glitter!" "Harian, kaJ said the glitter is a substance for the magic to create the inside like you want." Finally Maude, Harion's wife, liked the purple glitter and said, "Harian, the doors stays purple with the glitter.' And to Bobbie, "Please, put the glass windows around the top so we can watch the bridge and house. And yes, maybe a skylight."

And so it was settled, a brown house,  yellow snowflakes with windows, and a purple glittered door.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

More on painting the Elfin, Faery and Troll Homes


From Old Elfin Man:
Almost Summer, and the homes are still not located. The Elves and Merchants camping in the bottom yard among the poppies. King kaJ and Queen Emma Fae of the village are so upset that their anxiousness causes a late bloom for the poppies, which upset the Poppy Faeries. I must say it is nice to see all the children playing and have a time in the lower gardens camping is always fun for me, loved it since gold rush days. The dancing, singing, and meals around the Faery Circle are heart and soul filling. The love rounds out.  
    Grandma Bobbie finally got the houses varnished and ready to repaint. Only to have an argument with King kaJ, the KING using his power. Grandma Bobbie wants to split the village and put the homes around into the different gardens leaving the Merchant shops under the bridge. The Elfin homes to be put here and there in the flowers of the upper and lower gardens. Aunt Millie and Uncle Olaf agreed with Grandma Bobbie and their homes will hang on the brick wall in the backyard. Although Aunt Millie demanded the School and the GuestHouse come with her as she is the manager of both. kaJ did agree, not wanting a fight with the Elders. And the Trolls liked the idea of hanging their homes on the Grandma Bobbie's house.
     kaJ,still demands that the Elves stay as one large community under the bridge. He is not a flower faery  Bobbie explains she wants the children in her realm to find the homes here and there in the flowers. No, kaJ wants no names on the houses and only one mailbox for letters.  While she painted, kaJ rang the chime over and over to agitate Grandma Bobbie, who was so tied of hearing the clatter she tied the the chimes together. kaJ better calm down, the other elves will be more than upset. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Elfin, Faery and Troll Folks Relocated

While the OakGrove Yard was being repaired, weeded, and replanted by Grandma Bobbie and her helpers Sarah and Janet, the Elves and the Merchants camped in the lower yard through the rains and cold weather in tents in the dancing circle. Finally, kaJ and his clan decided to take an expended tour in their loved Ireland.  

As for me, the Old Elfin Man McDonnell, I've been in the yard since coming with Elfin Clyde from the Gold fields in 1909. My home stays in its secret place in the orchids in the lower yard. The Trolls also hang around the yard here and there, more or less camping out. The Winter's three huge storms frighted Maude and murmurs held that Harian just might return to his relatives on the Northern shores of Norway. His 14 children refused to go saying they were born here and love the yard. They stay on the deck roof climbing and hiding in the large Redwood trees. Harian's children have a good time wander all over the city. The Pixies in the backyard loved all the rebuilding of paths and patio and played their various tricks on the Grandma Bobbie and her friends helping.The Taryn Faeries had no thoughts of going anywhere, they dance in the circle and stayed in the flowers that bloomed in the gardensThe Lachlan Faeries of the Pond were not concerned when the Pond was repaired. Each rain filled it again, there are now goldfish and plants

So now Grandma Bobbie has all the houses varnished inside and out and kaJ starts his arguement . . .