Sunday, June 26, 2011

What is the story, heroine vs antagnist?

Rhyonna is the heroine who loves to fly. Fast, impulsive, driven, passionate about flying, and survivor is this Faery. When Rhyonna flies to find the Junior Patrol, she is captured by creatures from a fungus realm. The antagonist is a monstrous, devouring mutant mold, who plans to eat everything sweet.

I rewrote Rhyonna's story in the write-a-thon sponsored by the Clarion Foundation in 2011 after my computer wiped off the story in 1999. I cried a lot, and did have an old version for 1990. I started the story when I was a child, I have the first illustration and with new drawings for a new version of the story in 1986 for my daughter and her friends. 

Over the years with many rewrites with more adventures for the Faery , whose name is now RHYONNA. And subpolts including familiars, teaching flying, and her friends. In 2012 finished the story - and with more edits from friends and professional editors, to e-publish a paperback and e-book.


    Here is Rhyonna on her Dandelion.