Friday, July 19, 2019

Gossip Makes a Story.

As all good gossip or story, the Troubadour (know as Stone Soup for children) has many versions and has traveled many places. Check out my telling of the three magic stones. The Troubadour is a dandy and con man and this works for him.

This story, told once was liked and told again and liked and on and on the story traveled through country after country through egos of time. The plot remains the same. Most of the time the rogue, trickster stayed the same. The environment, the place, his needs, his clothing, the foods change. The premise remains the same, the use one thing to get another for himself. This rogue seduces women and takes children, if he is not paid. On the other hand, the minstrel spreads the world of magic with fun, humor and a bit of gossip and stories. In the children's storytelling fables, STONE SOUP, participation from the audience creates a soup with the help of three magic stones. The troubadour is involved only we create the magic.

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