Monday, November 4, 2019

Verbal stories, Told Tales

 Bobbie Kinkead is in NaNoWriMo the word marathon for writers. I am writing out my verbal stories (Telling Tales Told, a series of folktales, legends, myths, and fairytales):  Wise Women, Love of Nature Stories, and Vishua's Lives, Spooky Tales, and Unsung Heroes

One story a day for a month, a big project.

During the 2019 July NaNoWriMonth, I was able to write the Humble Heroes stories and Worthy Women, and Pursed finished, which amount to 17,000 words.

In the 2020 April NaNoWriCAMP - I combine Worthy Women and Humble Heroes, in to 'DAMSELS In DISTRESS'.Twenty folktales of women who are skilled and can balance the male/female relations in writing.

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