Saturday, May 2, 2020

Reflection about the 2020 A2Z Blog Challenge.

Completion of DAMSELS In DISTRESS, 46,000 words edited during April 2020.

Finished frame during a timed challenge, April 2020.

I won my goal for the NaNoWriCAMP - EDITING.

WHY DID I BOTHER? I need to finish TELLING TOLD TALES before my life ends.

Thirty days of writing, gathering, editing, and posting with formating. WOW!

Now, stories are in order. YES! I did accomplish one-fourth of what I thought possible. Edited stories in Scrivener, yes, wrote the frame for each story 'yes', posted here on TheStoryRealm 'yes'; and corrected half of the stories 'yes' in, still half to do. 

Then reloading into Scrivener to combine the frame with each elaborated, enhanced, re-imaged in a female narrative.  Another month of editing, What is my drive? 

I have beta readers for 'Damsels in Distress'. 
Please, read my composite and give me suggestions or edits. Sign-up. I will contract you.

Or buy to read at the pre-sale offerings on Amazon and Smashword.

My forever goal is to have edited copies from Scrivener downloaded a PDF format for Amazon for a print-on-demand and kindle. An epub format to publish on Smashwords with @s, ISBBs, LCCNs, and maybe audio and a video trailer.  

POWER to Bobbie, she, her, woman, lady, female. GO, GIRL GO!!


Now, editing the frame to make sure it says what I want, 'how I over-came my view that men owned writing', and the impact these folktales left with me as a child I ingested as reality, women adapt to survive.

The folktale's PDFs will be posted on this blog for letters in A2Z blog challenge

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