Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Elfn and Faery Homes Repaired

Today was a busy day for Grandma Bobbie, as she started painting the Troll houses for Harian's family. OH, MY, was Harian on her. He wanted his house brown. When she finally found the brown paint he was fine.  He did not want the yellow snowflakes on his house. "No way!" He stomped around causing houses to topple all over Grandma Bobbie's painting studio. Bobbie told Harian, "I have no white paint." Harion yelled,  "You just paint what you wanted." Harion is a large giant. Bobbie responded, "Harion, to remind everyone you are from Iceland, I use the snowflakes. Yellow is power." Finally he did like the yellow snowflakes. Then he argued,  "NO! Not a purple door." "I'll repaint it tomorrow." "And no glitter!" "Harian, kaJ said the glitter is a substance for the magic to create the inside like you want." Finally Maude, Harion's wife, liked the purple glitter and said, "Harian, the doors stays purple with the glitter.' And to Bobbie, "Please, put the glass windows around the top so we can watch the bridge and house. And yes, maybe a skylight."

And so it was settled, a brown house,  yellow snowflakes with windows, and a purple glittered door.

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