Friday, March 22, 2013

Rhyonna's Fright is Ready!

Now with the help of NaNoWriMoCamp 2013 in April with the whole month or revisions, Rhyonna's Flight will receive her last polish. In the summer of 2014 with the help of Carla King's Summer boot camp for self-publishing, Rhyonna will have her book finished and on the vast web.  

That was a laugh! 

      Two years go by! A writer have earned is another 'degree in writing'.  First one writes a story which is finish when the characters and plot and sub-plot want a finish, this could take a life time. Then rewrites start: for plot: for character development, character point of view, POV; for characters to drive the plot forward. Then rewrites checking character dialogue; language to be true to characters; the scene development that moves the story forward with dialogue and action from characters. 
       Now to mention the design for the cover and backcover (if a POD, a print on demand) art which can be done by the writer or hired out. For either the writer now becomes an art director, and earns a 'degree in art design'.
      Another two years go by! The writer takes the story for professional editing, for structural strength (a rewrite), copy editor to check line by line word for word (which means another rewrite), and then to show to Beta reads and read at critique groups (more rewrites), and lastly the proof reader for the small mistakes, (hopefully the last rewrite).
     Now to mention starting the IBNS's for various formats (book, epub, kindle, audio), the PCN for the eventual LNNC for registering in Library of Congress for bookstore and libraries to find, and if you have 3 books the P-CIP for library cataloging, and of course the copyright.
      Another year goes by! The writer now must learning (or pay professionals) for the formats for the the various e-publishing opportunities, and all their possibilities, PDF, EPUB, MODI, PDB, RTF, LRF.  The writer earns a 'degree in formatting'
     Not to mention starting the marketing: social media (Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, pages on professional sites, joining discussion group in organizations sites, podcast interviews, radio, TV, YouTube videos, enewsletters, ads on social media, speaking engagements, fairs, conferences), blogging, maintaining a website, etc. and etc. The writer becomes a business manager, with a 'degree in marketing'

---> The once WRITER is now AUTHORPRENUER! And life is never the same!

The best part is the second book is so much eaiser! because the writer learned and knows all the pros and cons for the whole processes especially the pros in the profession~!  There is too much good advise from professionals to mention any of them.  Just get out there and listen, take notes, and make mistakes, each mistake is worth a writers efforts.



  1. So did finish Rhyonna first long 100 page edit, and got her voice and emotions and Rhyonna did and does fly.

  2. I thought I could get Rhyonna Flight published in 1990 sent out 110 to editors, I been working with Rhyonna for 25 years! --> Now in a new 2013 digital movie mold as the villian is shot at fairies! DRATS! Maybe a new enviromental consciousness blooming of smaller monsters. STILL I will move on, and finish --> self-publishing seem the best way! Should I illustrate the characters? Illustrations will take me another two years! YES, go girl go. FINISH!


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