Thursday, February 25, 2016

Blogging and Telling Challenge

Each day for a month for the AtoZ blogging challenge I will post a folktale or faerytale, or one of my stories for 27 days this April 2016 the  a folktale for the AtoZ Blogging Challenge will be posted here for your reading enjoyment. The tales will follow an emotional theme, A = Able, B = Bold, C = Clever. A good story brings out an emotional premise. A story is a look at our self. We connect to a story because of pity, identification, sentimentalism, suffering, struggle, or recovery. A story is believed because of the enhancements, fabrication, embroidery and re-imaging used by the storyteller.

The written stories can be found on my site. I'm working to have these stories published as in a series, Bold Stories Told: Able Women, Monsters, Gardens, Trees, Vishua, Dragons, Music, the Zodiac, etc. All the stories I know plus a few personal ones.

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