Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Cold, Bitter FOG, ole Boneless

As a child running and playing in the mountains of Colorado, I remember the cold snow, the bitter fog, and the bite of the blowing wind. No matter if your hands had on mitten or gloves or your head was covered after awhile the cold penetrated into your clothing. If you got wet the cold was more dangerous, freezing the cloth, which made your movement tight and hard which caused you to fall into the snow and becoming more cold and stiff. I heard stories of people freezing to death. After getting dangerous cold to the point of falling asleep, I would stagger into the house.

Of course, the rule was all clothing from outside left by the door. Taking off the stiff, frozen coats, leggings, gloves, and hat was an enduring process.

Finally, inside and the feeling of warmth to fiery hot was the best. My cheeks burned. My legs and arms moved. I could think. Death did not get me.

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That cold inspired the personality of Ole Fog, Boneless,

My name is Caunte, the second son of the Troll Family from the Oakgrove gardens. Because I traveled with Prince Ivan to find his wife, I am to tell this part of PURSUED, Vasalisa, the Frog Princess.

Luckily, as I tumbled from by home from the top of the arch on the bridge, the PortHole snatched me, and I plunged into the InBetween. Unluckily, the Ole Fog chased me, crawling and grabbing at my hair and clothing. The thickness of his anger blunted the colors and sounds. I concentrated on keeping my legs in front of me while arms and hands pushed the bitter Fog away from my head. His cold stung my eyes and ears. The bitter Fog turned into a wind and whipped ice around me. I covered my ears to block his howls and the freezing. My vision blurred. A long zap signaled an exit from the InBetween. With a 'blip' I bounced under bare trees covered with frost. I smashed onto the iced snow harder than a pile of stones. The hour was late, the night descended. Freezing, I hid in the shadows of the frozen trees. The intriguing beauty of snow and ice exaggerated by moonlight created a wonderland I had never witness.

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