Tuesday, March 10, 2020

AtoZ Challenge, CAMPNaNoWri DARE!

During the month of April 2020, with motivation from CAMPNaNoWri to compile and edit a story each day, THAT IS 27 STORIES, Humble Heros and Worthy Women, NOW CALLED DAMSELS IN DISTRESS. 

On this blog, TheStoryRealm, to post daily the character's motivation and 'why I like or dislike the tale' for the AtoZ Blog Challenge

When each story is ready for my satisfaction with the frame,  I will share as a PDF from google drive, view only.

This challenge is a dreadful venture or DARE for finishing my book series for Timeless Tales Retold. UPDATED!

Because of the stories I tell are in bit and pieces over the vast net in different phases of writing and editing, my challenge is to collect the various versions of one story and each day during April 2020. Then to combine the various bits and pieces into my best-writing with the driving emotion for the character for her survival; and if why I like this tale.

My forever goal is to download back to Scrivener on my computer for a PDF for Amazon.com’s print-on-demand and kindle. An epub format to published on Smashword.com and with @s, ISBBs, LCCNs, and maybe audio with a video trailer.  

Power to Bobbie, go girl go!

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