Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The First Prince and Tiger Die - #AtoZChallenge

#3 Korean Stories
The Taming of TIGER

By now the First Earthy son, Dan-Gum of the Heavenly Prince is the first Emperor. He dies as ‘the old man of the mountain’ and gives his mother's, Bear Maiden, gifts to his children. The daughter received clay and pottery; her husband is in the army. The oldest son gifted a rope, gourd, and bamboo stick, the totem carver. The second gifted the mill stones, the miller. The youngest son gifted the drums, the musician. They traveled on different paths to meet in ten years to honor their father at the feast 'the old man of the mountain'.

Tiger died on his way to see the Heavenly Prince, Hwan-Ung. Revived by three unwise Brahmins, Tiger eats them. In a cage he is carried back to the Mong Mountains and left.

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