Saturday, April 1, 2017

Ambition - Asian Stories #AtoZ Challenge


When telling stories at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, I had the opportunity of my life, immersion in ancient and modern Eastern culture learning about the arts, history, and stories: myths, folktales, legends, and cautionary tales. I call this education my 'Doctorate' in Storytelling.

AMBITIOUS - now I am to write the stories and posts to my pages on the internet. 

My first set of folktales are about DRAGONS, and their importance in shaping of Chinese history. Dragon is a mystical beast and part of the Chinese Zodiac which started about 5,700 years ago. This first drawing of a dragon was found in on a shell about 7,500 years ago.

 Dragon represents creation, magic, strength, respect, honor, good fortune, prosperity, wisdom, good health and power, which leaders used and Emperors wanted. The traditional stories selected for DRAGON SHAPES CHINA depicts this mythical beast history and ambition and epic reputation.

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The second set is a mythical legend from the Hindu Ramayana. The epic adventure of King Rama, SITA, the loyal wife of Rama, his brother, and the ten-headed Demon Ravana, who abducts Sita, and of course, Hauaman. Sita is the narrator of these events:  her love, her marriage, her kidnap, and her banishment from Rama's court.

The third set of folktales is simple short history TIGER'S SAGA of ancient Korean and the Man of the Mountain, who stands with Tiger. Today they appear at festivals together. Tiger represents dignity, courage, power, is fierce, unpredictable, territorial, cruel and greedy, has passion, devoted, adventurous, can bring good luck, and solitary. Tiger has powerful muscles, swims, untiring, hunts slowly, silently and carefully at night, and is a good parent.
Tiger is the third in the Zodiac. In Korean the King of Beast and the Lord of the West.

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  1. What a great topic. I love folklore and this looks like a lot of fun. Enjoy the A to Z Challenge.

    1. Thank-you Shari! Nice surprise to see a comment! Will checkout your AtoZ challenge.