Thursday, April 13, 2017

Sita Abandoned, #AtoZChallenge

The great Hindi Ramayana is an Epic Legend of great dharma. A story of the God Vishnu, Protector of the worlds, and Goddess Lakshmi, who came to save the world from Ravana, the ten-headed and twenty-armed daemon. Rama (Vishnu) is a son of duty and loyalty to his father's words, regardless of the consequences, dharma. Lakshmi the loyal wife of Vishnu raped by Ravana in another life cursed Ravana, and now Lakshmi returns as Sita for her revenge. Evil Ravana, the ten-headed twenty-armed daemon, as Emperor of Lanka should protect the three worlds only conquers the three worlds and takes women as his possessions.

Ramayana was orally told for centuries; the classic version written 2500 years ago by poet Valmiki. I have shortened, modified, and re-image this epic to tell from the point of view of Sita in an over-over-simplified version. Actually, the Ramayana has 25,000 verses and takes nine hours to recite.

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