Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Distinguish - MIN, the River Dragon, #AtoZchallenge


Many centuries from ancient time, the shard of pearl laid buried in the ground in the mountains. In a village near by lived a poor boy by the name of Min. By cutting grasses in the valley, he brought rice and tea for his blind mother. This year was exceedingly hot and extremely dry; the grasses died. Min had to travel up the West Mountains to find grass and where he recovers a magic pearl shards from the Pearl of Jade Dragon and Golden Phoenix.

For centuries River Kingdoms were in power and by use of the DRAGONS and fought for the control over China. Such is the story of Dragon Min, a boy who became a river dragon and helped the villagers. While becoming a dragon and looking back at his mother, Min made mud banks around the river to hold shrimps, crabs, eel and fish, and the river irrigated the crops and vegetables. Thus, Dragon Min, like many other, is honored and respected for bringing change, good fortune, and wealth to the river, the villagers, and the farmers.

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