Friday, April 10, 2020

#10 - Julnar of the Sea, JUSTIFIED

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Julnar of the Sea 

I like this story!  A young maiden, shunned by her family, sits on an island in a sea. She convinces the merchant to sell her to a Sultan. Though her powers of manipulations of silence and enticing sex, she becomes wealthy. Julnar has the power of seduction and uses it to manipulate.

 This ancient tale involves a story within a story. The teller Sacheherazade had her motives for telling Julnar of the Sea in 1001 Arabian Nights. This story offers how Sacheherazade saved herself.

After finding out that his first wife, Sultana, deceived Sultan Shahrayar has her strangled. He swears to marry a different woman each night before killing her the following morning to prevent another betrayal. Scheherazade. The Vizier’s, oldest daughter, concocts a plan to end his pattern of killings. When King Shahrayar asks for the younger daughter, Dinarzada, the oldest daughter Sacheherazade too wise in philosophy, medicines, fine arts, and history is one of the most exquisite beauty, goes with her younger sister to spend the night. When King Shahrayar enters, Sacheherazade begins a story. She stops in the middle, so King Shahrayar begs to hear the rest. Sacheherazade tells the Sultan he must wait for next night, thus saving both sister and her. The next evening, Sacheherazade finishes the story and begins another, following the same pattern for 1,001 nights.

Sacheherazade, the witty storyteller, makes her point to King Shahrayar in Julnar of the Sea. Julnar is similar to Sacheherazade, a woman who must save herself and still have respect. By the time, Sacheherazade finishes telling all her stories 1,001 nights pass, she has 3 children by King Shahrayar and becomes the first Queen.

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