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#9 - Tatsuko, Dragon Princess - INSIST

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Tatsuko, the Dragon Princess

I like this story.  We can change our lives for our betterment and those we love. Tatsuko, the most beautiful, strongest, and more intelligent than most in her poor village in Japan. The villagers and her friends worked daily for their crops to sell and foods to eat. Tatsuko observed her friends aging: she did not want this for herself, although her mother said to work was the honor. Tatsuko knows more than hard village work.

Japan was settled in the 16 century by generals, who make Japan one very prosperous nation. The 17 century saw the rise of Kyoto, where the rich had the fantasy of fashion, courtesans, and eventually. the geisha, which means persons of art: conversation, dance, music, performing the tea ceremony, reading literature, and fine calligraphy of the well educated. In the 1730s, both men and women were Geishas. These entertainers like the jesters in the European courts. By 1780s, Geishas were mostly women under strict governmental regulation. Geishas lived in Tea Houses to offered their entertainments of the arts. Their gear supported the merchant's shops: the gowns, Komodo; fans; hairdressing and wigs; make-up; instruments, dancing music. The Tea Ceremony is also associated with Geisha. The story, Tatsuko, Dragon Princess, is about a poor maiden who gets her wish to become a rainbow dragon, a Geisha, who has gifts of fish, the wealth, for her mother.

I can attest to Tatsuko's intent from a living a small working town of Colorado Springs, farming, mining, and then the military. I knew I did not want to become old and tired in a small backward town, then 20,000 residents, to married a hard-working drinking husband, having six children, working in a factory or worst living on my own becoming a prostitute for more income. I begged to go to college for more opportunities. My grades were excellent; I got a scholarship and National Defense Loan. I was one of the many young girls allowed to go the college from the poorer parts of the USA. Teaching was the choice, not many avenues for occupations. Many girls 'found' their husbands. I wanted to travel, so went to Alaska and taught first grade.

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