Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#7 - Hare in the Moon - GENEROUS

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grim vs guard --> give
G is for today's feeling, GENEROUS.

Hare in the Moon, or Rabbit

DO I like this story? --> Maybe? Hard to tell the gender of a rabbit. Both men and women help and save others, one of our greatest gifts. We do and is immediate,  something happens. Spontaneous, DOOM and BOOM, a tragedy than someone, maybe you, helping. Besides, we feel good when giving, sharing, and serving.

Rabbit saves her friends by giving (her sacrifice for all of us) as in this telling when Rabbit serves the great Japanese Sky God.

The rabbit is associated with the moon. She is not a night creature, maybe that the moon is associated with woman power and is symbolized as a healer or  MUSE.
The rabbit or the hare is a popular mystical creature in the stories of the Nordic and Celtic tribes. Rabbit is a serving creature and is sometimes a goddess with different names, Ostara, whose bird turns into a bunny that gave eggs to children, “estrus”, our Easter bunny, the giver of eggs in spring.

It is said, this is one a Buddhist teaching tales from the five-hundred lives he had before he was born as Buddha. So being this tale is at least 3000 years old and beyond because travelers carry their stories from place to place, we as modern people discount this stream of verbal tellings.

Bare Rabbit from the Uncle Remus stories I read in my childhood. Rabbit also tricks tiger in the Korean folklore. Rabbit represents the common folk and tiger the ruling class.

Rabbit is in the Chinese zodiac and in their moon. Pa’gue, the first Dragon, died and leaves his body to make China. In doing so his left eye floated into the sky and became the moon, giving herbs to the peoples. Rabbit, who lives in the moon, grinds the spices and herbs for medicines for the early people. Later the God of Farming changes Rabbit into a Goddess, who gives medicines to the peoples of China.

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