Wednesday, April 8, 2020

#2 - Innocent Red - BENEFICIAL

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brutal vs bait ---> brave.
B is for the feeling of BENEFICIAL!

Innocent Red - PDF of story

I like this story, better to meet the wolves when young and beat them than later and be eaten. Hopefully, that youth with the help of her wood ‘would’ cutter and her backpack of skills will not be eaten (molested, drugged) by the banished wolves who still offer evil to our world.

We all meet a variety of wolves with many offers along our paths to benefit their pleasures, not ours. BEWARE!

Known as Little Red Riding Hood, I have RE-IMAGED, MANIPULATED, EMBROIDERED, AND ENHANCED this cautionary tale.  Granny and Innocent Red ventured through wolves to survived. I’m that Innocent Red now in my old age sipping a cup of tea in a comfortable, loving, safe, and secure home as grandma. With my wood ‘would’ cutter and bag of tricks, my house is the end of my journey.

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