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#5 - Lady Enid - ESTEEM

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Endanger vs endure --> expel.

E is for today's emotion, ESTEEM.

Lady Enid’s narrative, Knight Geraint of King Author’s Cour

Do I like the Story? Maybe? "Lady Enide stands by her man," a power only a wise woman has. A female voice in the first person and speaking in the present tense not done verbally or written for classic tales. She travels on the quest, horrified, astonished, and marvels at her husband's compelling drive for esteem. The sword in hand, the spear, and thought to win, worse using his wife as a decoy, The macho male of my early childhood. I understand the burdens placed on this code of behaviors on young males and, thus, the young females.

Knight Geraint, a jealous lover,  an irresponsible husband, takes his wife, Lady Enid, on a long endangered, perilous quest to prove he is a grand warrior (a knight in shining armor) worthy of her admiration and esteem.  I rewrote for telling in the first person and present tense for the narrative by Enid, Daughter of Earl Ynywl, wife to Geraint of King Author’s Court!

This is an ancient tale, a classic, a Mabinogion Myth, early 11th century, or before with versions that cross between Wales and Brittany France. Maybe a bit of Germanic influence included. Stories traveled with the traders and the troubadours which rode on the trading routes.

Because this is a long tale, my verbal telling done in scenes or events to remember the story, then only after charting the characters, motives, themes, scene, voice, the plot. Organizing into scenes is to ground into the events as a stage and let Enide tell the story. Right now, I have
 to put together edits from my video on YouTube and notes.

 ‘Geraint, Son of Erbin’ from the Welsh Mabinogion, the primitive Celtic Arthurian Myths translated by Lady Charlotte Guest (got to wonder about the name)., The Mabinogion, The Welsh Mythology, the books' the translation by Lady Charlotte Guest. The site includes more Classic European Myths and Legends.

**Another good site is Timeless Myths, Arthurian Legends, Erec and Enide, Tales of the Knights, created by Jimmy Joe, all rights, October 2006. One can understand the language is updated, and the story simplified, made readable. The oldest versions told in verse.

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