Thursday, April 23, 2020

#19 Fanciest of Tails, SATISFIED

scared vs sensible ---> solution
S is for the emotional feeling, SATISFIED.

Fanciest of Tails  

I wrote this story Fanciest of Tails,  WHY?
A great analogy, metaphor, allegory, Peacock loves his tail and then his feathers fall out. So I used his tail for my writings saga when all my stories destroyed.

My computer had a horror glitch in 1998 and wiped off all my stories. Twenty years of writing my inspirations on a computer all gone even the save disc warped. Mine other saved disc too old to translate.

Luckily, I printed most of the stories during the years and put inside paper folders. No recent edits, bumbles! I cried tons of fears, took the horrid computer into my backyard, beat the devouring monster with a hammer, and buried the mess deep into the ground. Fearing my writing life over, however, a voice in my mind said, "You will recover the stories." After recovering from my horrible sickness in 1999, I studied storytelling. Transcripts of stories I told at swaps and at the Asian Art Museum, I handwrote on charts and saved in paper folders with paper backups. I wrote these in a new computer with multi backups, really too many. And, each good edit saved to or

I have the Elfin Letters, which came after the monster ate my other stories for my granddaughter. Fortunately, Rhyonna's Fright I started in 1986 as a poem. I had the pieced here and there I put together from the saved manuscripts. This book published in 2016. SUCCESS!  

Now having Damsel in Distress; Sita's Narrative; Fire, the Hunger; Dragons Shape China; Tiger's Saga; Vasilisa, the Frog Princess; possibly Vishnu's Lives; Spooky Tales; and Nature Tales with sequential frames ready for my series, Telling Timeless Tales to be published soon in ebook stores on the internet. Join my email, EVENTING . .  for updates.

Next are my originals tales to write for a collection called Bryce Farm. Sodie, a goose, is the collector of forty narratives from the animals and what they do and their fears; allegories, metaphors, analogies, and similes of problems solved. The farmyard and woods are the frame for the original tales. 

Today, I have recovered most of my stories and will go on to publishing. Plus, today, we have the internet with blogs, videos, podcasts, e-publishing, for written and verbal avenues with exciting platforms for telling or writing our tales.

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