Thursday, April 16, 2020

#11 - Naga Princes, KINDLE

kill vs know —> keep.
K is for the emotional feeling - KINDLE!

The Snake Princess, NAGA
  Do I like this story? NO! Maybe, yes. I understand why this story sang to me. A young girl child gets to go to college, the University of Colorado, to learn the morays of the educated male world. I took classes to understand the way of social structure; the male and I was a female allowed to be a teacher, nurse, or wife. Feminists were not outspoken in the Rocky Mountains, which was about 100 years behind time, even if Colorado was one of the first stated to allow women to vote. I figured voting rights were to have women come and live in the state.

The Princess Naga does get prestige after schooled by conversations with BoShin: notice the male has a name because humans are the supreme beings. The snakes, Nagas, in the Eastern part of our globe, are a symbol of emotions, although honored must be kept in hand, under control.

The man again is the teacher, the honor supremed being. I'm getting a bit disturbed by all the honor and how much service he receives from women in these old tales. I read these as a child, what did this do to my enthusiasm for life.

Well, I could not be a writer because I was and girl. Worst writing was not taught in public schools, only filling the blanks. Even with my first story published in the Colorado Springs newspaper in 8th grade. Fifty years I am secure with write. Now, I fiddling with folktales, I read as a girl child and know why I liked them; the girl had hope.

I have changed the title of the series to 'Damsels in Distress.' These women knew or went along with the norms of society.

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