Tuesday, April 7, 2020

#6 - Spider Weaver FOURISH

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F is for today's feeling, FOURISH!

Spider Weaver

Do I like this story? maybe
I read this story, after several years of telling in the Japanese Gallery at the Asia Art Gallery in San Francisco, and the realization flashed. Spider maiden does not have a name. One saved even by the smallest efforts, is bound with a task. The spider's pay-back for life, weaving and while she serving again under another attack.

A small spider as helpless, a 'damsel in distress', saved by a farmer who a spider honors him (a male) with weaving, the powerful skills of a small spider, female, and nameless. The weaver’s story told to remind listeners of 'his' protection, and all the gifts 'he' received from 'she'. He, as the lead, is usual for the time and country. When telling in the Japanese Gallery, the boys liked the story; the girls turned their heads. Now, finally, I know why, the girl saved again by a 'male' in ‘shining armor’ and 'she' must serve him, nameless.

Gifts given from the maiden spider for her protection is what women do and did. Yesterday and today, the saved woman gives her whole life; she cleans her home, buys the foods, cooks the meal, washes the dishes and clothes, cares for plants, and takes care of the children, drives, and maybe socializes with friends or in a group, and helps her aging parents.

My choices, if lucky, were to marry and have children, become a nun, be a secretary, bookkeeper, court clerk, store clerk, a librarian, nurse, or teacher. I wanted to be an artist, so I became a teacher. My mother liked that, she only went to 8th grade and sent away to become a clerk in another family’s store far away from home. 

Thank goodness today, after many feminists protest, males heard the anguish cries and passed laws, and they have learned family tasks and become an equal partner. Women can now achieve in other fields besides being the caregiver, or a piece of property. Today women are doctors, nurses, news forecasters, scientists, politicians, lawyers, judges, CEOs, and run their own businesses and own companies.


  1. Women have indeed come a long way. But there's a long way to go still. All the best for your A-Z.