Thursday, April 23, 2020

#18 Farmer Feast, RESIST

rage vs rouse --> resent.
R is for the emotional feeling of RESIST!

Farmer's Feast        

Do I like the story? Yes! Raven does know she wants to be free. By the way, I changed from a little boy (really)  to Raven as the narrator now a raven as she. Raven is concerned about the captivity of her friends. My license as a storyteller to change within my timeline and my motivation. Hard to tell the sex of a bird most are the same colors need the pronouns to know who is male or female.

A farmer’s feast to invite the animals into his barn and use them for services. A rooster does the bidding for the farmer, possible for territory reasons! And Raven does the warning. A one of a kind folktale in Andrew Lang collection in The Brown Fairy Book, once the stories thought too violent for children. I read all his books when in the 6th and 7th grades. I biked to the West Side Library in Colorado City with my best friend, Marilyn. My reading scores went from a non-reader to excellent, and I learned about the cultures of Europe and the Middle East. I had no idea at that time about the male point of view, how the female (male) was is in service to this ideology, and how this affected me as a youth; men wrote and published books.

Andrew Lang (March 31, 1844 - July 20, 1912) was a prolific Scots poet, novelist, and literary critic but is best known as the collector of folk and fairy tales.

Read all of his fairytales/folktales twelve books downloads for Kindle, epub, or PDF files from the University of Adelaide,, eBooks@Adelaide, The University of Adelaide Library, South Australia 5005. last updated March 2016 (What a find and all these classic folktales for FREE!)  Closed the free downloads April 2020, can only borrow the books.

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