Friday, April 3, 2020

#3 - Little Prairie HEN!, CHOOSE!

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Caged vs cause --> capable.
C is for today's emotion, CHOOSE!

Little Prairie HEN!

I like this story. The fact a little hen made bread all by herself, she is a winner. The first folktale I heard as a child. My Grandma is my little prairie hen. I needed a female winner, a mother hen, warm and cozy.

We did have the prairie birds on the Alpine Meadows of Colorado, especially at Harzel Flats, we drove through to go fishin'. Grandma Bessie walked behind a coverwagon from Indiana to Limon, Colorado.

Now she lived in Colorado Springs close our home.
My brother and I  walked from our house on 18th Street across a long field to 26th Street to visit Grandma Bessie. We ventured through the disabled train terminal. Trains once traveled up Pike Peak to Cripple Creek to pick up gold then down the mountain to the Golden Cycle Mill, which was abandon and up on sandhill behind our house. We live by Fountain Creek that flowed below the gold mill. What fun we had exploring the creek and old mill!

By the time we got to grandma's house, she had baked fresh bread for us, and we had many stories to tell her. When we arrived, mean, cranky step-grandpa was in his rocking chair demanding, and Grandma served him. He saved her and her four children when her husband died when my mom was six. My Grandma had a garden, cherry, and apple trees, a pond full of fish, chickens, a goat, lots of cats, and six children. She made her bread in a wooden stove and had a water pump in her kitchen. She did all this herself.

When we have a cause, we might think too hard for us, some of us ask for help and are turned down by some. The prairie hen is not upset and does what she must in order to make life easier for her and her chicks. She has a friend to help Mrs. Mouse.

I figured if Grandma Bessie could do these in her world, her granddaughter can in my world. Now on with the compiling the versions, I realize the male voice, dominate in my youth.  I've rewritten and re-image and understand by these stories sang.

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The  PDF with the story of Prairie Hen will be posted later, all the correction and stories, a week for each would be better.

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