Tuesday, April 21, 2020

#13 - Sparrow's Gift, MORALITY

mean vs modest ---> merit.
M for the emotional feeling of MORALITY!

Sparrow's Gift

I like this story. The Komi force, a wood statue of the 8th century, denotes feminine energies.YES!

The Tongue-cut Sparrow, or as I call the story, Sparrow’s Gift,' is a Japanese folktale that tells explains the Shinto beliefs, which are ancient, so ancient, first told not written.

The oldest records are from pieces of pottery showing birds, who were the Tarii spirits. The vital force is Komi, which is in all nature, everything is alive, even rocks. One must walk through the gate to Shinto - the medicine way, one must wash - then calling the spirits, sparrows are of this ancient spirit, Tarii. The ancients before 2,000 AD and earlier called this the Honey Way. 

In this story, Sparrow's Gift, the old grandmothers, one is kind and one is greedy, shows the way to Shinto, the Honey Way, or as gifts given by the sparrows. I have used the voices of the grandmothers to show different means of receiving and what the rewards will be.

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