Saturday, April 4, 2020

#4 - Ursula - DISTINGUISH

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D for emotional feeling, distinguish!

 Ursula, The Kitchen Princess

 I do like this story. YES! A girl princess stands up for what she wants. Ursula does accomplish what she desires beyond her father's demands and his misunderstanding of her gift. Much of what women faced when I was a child. 

My dad pushed me to do, to adventure so saved. I saw my friends struggle and comply with the codes and norms, which were steadfast in their families. Most young women got married after high school. I attended Colorado University, which gave me a varied life, although still fenced by male dominance.

URSULA was a princess who lives with her father, King Wilfred, and two older sisters. Their palace was in Eastern Europe sometime in the 14th century when there exist small kingdoms and salt wars to possess the preserver of foods. Ursula, a young feminine 'damsel in distress,' loved to cook and spent all her time in the kitchen. Her father was demanding, disagreeable, and disappointed to his youngest daughter, who preferred the kitchen and the servants. At this time in Europe, the male and the social lines make her a victim. Ursula will not detour her love and runs away from home. A matron, an owner of an INN, helps her improve cooking and serving. The damsel becomes distinguished for her cookery.

Ursula and the Salt of Life, YouTube telling -- is okay, worth viewing.

Story on Wattpad - just a sampling of the first and last parts, as on Bublish.

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