Wednesday, April 22, 2020

#16 Durga helps of the Gods. POWER

provoke vs protect --> prepare. 
P is the emotional feeling, POWER

Durga Helps the Gods.
  I LIKE THIS STORY. I learned that woman has a lot of control over the men, (Gods, kings, and demons) while the men think they are in control. Durga is one, powerful Goddess called to help Gods. Her duty to drive a demon for the Hindi lands of India. She has all the emotional characteristics of a warrior: fearless, disciplined, determined, and physical powers.

I met Durga when I was a child running across a field playing "Ya, ya, Ya, you can't get me," teasing a monster.

Years later, in a creative writing class, I wrote a short story of my childhood running through the fields enticing a monster. “Ya, ya, ya, you can’t catch us.” I fell; I knew the beast would suffocate me. When I stopped yelling and screaming, I saw this wonderful magical woman, not my mom, not an angel, not a faery, and not a saint. From then on, I knew I was protected. I actually forgot about the story knowing always knowing was safe. I even told this story for the primary challenge for America Has Talent. My telling was not convincing.

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Finally, Durga, herself, spoke to me. "I am the field goddess. I am of the Shakti energies of the earth, the Devi, the goddess of protection created by all the Gods. Durga comes as a mere woman to help the innocent. You were a child, who thought a monster lived in the field. Durga helps conquer dangers, helps overcome foes, offers courage to stand and fight if slicing off the head of the evil demon."

I had her voice. Come read her story on, DURGA HELPS THE GODS.  

 Why is this story unique? The major male Gods and the minor gods create a superwoman to conquer a demon because of his request, death only by a woman. I think the buffalo-demon came from the Mesopotamia trade cultures many, many centuries ago to conquer India?  The demon is part of the good/bad fights between the GODS as KINGS. Masiha thinks he knows the Hindi view of women, 'curves to serve'.

What is cultural awareness?  The gifts the Gods give to the woman tell how much the Gods battled with other outsiders to create immortality and realms for themselves. All the Hindi Gods are one huge verbal ‘soap opera’ then to written mythologies. The bonus being Gods reborn again and again is to play out dramas. I thought the Greek mythology was confusing.

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