Friday, April 1, 2016

The Little Prairie Hen

A to Z Blogging Challenge
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The folktale the Little RED Hen is important.

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She is able, assured, adaptive, ambitious, assertive, astonished by her accomplishment to achieve abundance. In my story of Little Prairie Hen, she solves her problem and helps others, who are not willing to help her.

As a child, the only stories I heard were fishing and hunting stories told by my dad and what my mom told about her relations. So, I made up my stories as everyone else did. In Junior High, I went to the library on my bike with a friend (that's another story) and checked out every fairytale book the library had. The Little Red Hen is one of my favorites. A story of 'getting it done' if you must do so yourself with or without friends.

Listening to the story, you will hear what all good storytellers do is enhanced, re-imaged, elaborate, re-image and embroidered, which is enhanced, as I did with The Prairie Hen.  I saw these birds as my dad drove across the Alpine plains of Colorado near Harzel Flats.

This hen is my 'Little Hen That Could' and also my Grandma Bessie, whom I loved.


  1. your podcast media presentation is so cool! going the extra mile in this challenge I see. Good luck with the challenge. Gail at Making Life An Art

    1. Thanks for your comment almost one year ago. I am following you. And the best for the next 2017 challenge.

  2. I love the Red Hen folktale! Great write about being Able and determined.
    Best Wishes!

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    1. Ravye, checked out your Facebook, and As the Fates Would Have It, liked the way you listed the AtoZ challenge, others posts do get in the way. The best for the next 2017 challenge.