Saturday, April 9, 2016

Li Chi, Worm Slayer

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 Li Chi, Worm Slayer

HEROINE, honorable, helpful, humble, happy, harmony, honest, healthy, humorous, having, has, holds, hope --> a negative is HARM!

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The Silk Road was opened  during and after the Black Dragon 100 BC. Trading brought outside beliefs, warriors, and conquerors into China because the Emperors who ruled China, at that time were many and bidding war against each other. With the start of the Chin Dynasty about 220 AD, heroes helped displace these worms and serpents who threatened the protective wise dragons. Li Chi is such a heroine who helped start the Golden Dynasty of the Golden Dragons, who gain control of China’s prosperity and harmony lasted for generations.

Li Chi is the youngest daughter of a farmer who had no sons. She watched as the Sorceress and the Magistrate collected rice from her father and mother to save her older sister from the worm that live on the mountain. She will the serpent.

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