Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Boundless Troubadour and His BOLD Trickery

B for Bold
   The bold troubadour is seductive and also brilliant. He is a chap of fancy, a dandy a trickster, well-behaved, and really quite brave and bold. Some call him a rogue of charm and magic, or a minstrel with songs and stories. Some call him bane and brass, others call him a jester, while other a beggar or a bum. No matter to him, in his travels he has dined with kings and queens, the wealthiest and the poor. He has jokes and poems for the wealthiest or the regular folks depending on his mood. Ah, tonight, he wants a healthy, hearty home-cooked meal. As he travels on a country road on his fine horse, he's looks for a nice family to share stories and gossip, he wants to be dined by the busy, hard-working country folk, who are not pretentious.
The troubadour wants to be with basic folks like his beginnings!

The Troudadour
 BobbieTales Youtube Channel
This is my take on the story, which is full of symbols and analogies, especially the words troubadour, farmers, three stones, pot, and the important soup. Analogies are what make a lasting folktale. The troubadour is the storyteller, the rogue or dandy creating a story in a pot of magic. Is this so for a storyteller, a rogue of charm and magic, a dandy of clothing and speech, a jester of poems and jokes and fun, and a minstrel of songs and stories, who entertains and uses word and conjures up images, actions, and gestures to enhance, fabricate or embroidery a lasting tell. The magic stones are the character and the plot with a stir around in a place. The Troubadour appreciates his audience because they make the soup (story) come alive by what they bring to the pot: the vegetables, meat, herbs and spices: their images. Listeners do loved to be tricked.

If you want to read 'The Troubadour", check out wattpad for the written story.


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