Thursday, April 7, 2016

THE TROLL BRIDGE - atozchallenge

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F – FEARLESS, flexible, forgiving, fun, furious, fame, fanciful, fascination, flourish, festive, fierce, fragile, fit, fore-site, frank, forthright, fortunate, feel, firm, focus, forceful --> the negative for the story would be FLUSTERED.

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The story from, ‘The Three Billy Goat Gruff’, a Nordic European folktale, that has many versions and told for motivation against tyranny. This is my take on the story, which is again full of symbols and analogies, especially word ‘Whose tramping over my bridge’. Analogy of a goat defeating the toll master, a troll, which makes a lasting folktale. The bridge is to entice the goats, who are sure footed, balanced, flexible climber to walk over the bridge as they do up a steep mountain. Their horns called horns of plenty have the abilities to fight to survive with enemies. Goats are survivors of a fierce climate. The troll does not know what or whom he entangles in his hunger. As in Norse folklore, a troll sits under bridge and will eat any one who wants to pass over, his role most likely taken from the Valkyries who guard the Bridge to Heaven and took offerings from those who pass. So this troll guards a handmade bridge to fertile food across the raging river
in a meadow. Of course, the goats long and desire the sweet feast.

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