Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Poet and Peony

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The Poet and the Peony

L – LOVE, logical, limber, liable, lovely, lively, love, loyal, light, likeable, lucky, listens ---> LONELY

Since Li Chi and other brave warriors kept worms and serpents out of China, and after many wars, and the closing of the silk roads, comes  the age of the Golden Dragon, the Song Dynasty 400 to 1400 centuries. China was very prosperous.

A young scholar had completed his training in the three perfections, poetry, art and calligraphy. Prince Yu of China, with Turtle, a best friend of the first dragon Paguo, carved the Yellow River, they designed raging rapids over the steep rocks. Prince Yu said, “Whatever fish jumps rocks becomes a dragon.” So now this young scholar is a dragon of the Golden Court of the Song Dynasty. He seeks his health, fortune, and a love he never expected.

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