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'Three times and your are out,'
 or best known as ‘The Boy who Cried, Wolf!'

'The boy who cried wolf! an Aesop Fable, which has many versions over thousands of year told as a cautionary, warning tale, an allegory about needing help vs attention getting and the consequences, which makes an ever lasting story true at all time. More resent books and websites with Aesop’s Fables are cute mainly for children, when these parables started in ancient times as adult cautionary tales or gossip from India through Greece, Aesop wrote them down, through Europe and to us.

The Aesop's Fable are save to copy but WHEN TELLING OR WRITING any STORY:
TIP: Check as many source as possible three at the most,  then compile together a story, storytellers can adapt, enhances, re-image, fabricate, embroidery, and modify any open domain folktale with fitting plot and characters to make a story with many variations. Think about all the stories seen read or heard with the theme, never call wolf, lair.
TIP: If the tale too well known, don’t stray for the pack! Create something new, a huge fabrication!
TIP: AND always give  . . . credit that is due to those who have gone before!

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