Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Durga, the goddess who saved the gods -atozchallenge

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Durga is a goddess called to help the Gods. She is their devotee with a duty to drive a demon for the Hindi lands of India. She has all the emotional characteristic for a warrior: daring, driven, disciplined, determination, and dynamic. I met Durga when I was a child running across a field playing "Ya, ya, Ya, you can't get me," actually teasing a monster.

Years later in a creative writing class I wrote a short story of my childhood running through the fields enticing a monster. “Ya, ya, ya, you can’t catch us.” I fell; I knew the monster would suffocate me. When I stopped yelling and screaming, I saw this wonderful magical woman, a warrior. Not my mom, not an angel, not a faery, and not a saint. From then on I knew I was protected. I actually forgot about writing the story, only knowing I always had courage and was safe.
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Finally, Durga, herself, spoke to me. "I am the field goddess. I am of the Shakti energies of the earth, the Devi, the goddess of protection created by all the Gods. Durga comes as mere woman to help the innocent. You were a child, who thought a monster lived in the field. Durga helps conquer dangers, helps overcome foes, gives courage to take a stand and fight, if needed slicing off the head of the evil demon. I understood Durga. I had her voice. Come read her story on wattpad.com


  1. Very interesting, Bobbie. I've always been fascinated by Durga. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for enjoy and reading, hope you read the story on wattpad.com