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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Durga, the goddess who saved the gods -atozchallenge

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Durga is a goddess called to help the Gods. She is their devotee with a duty to drive a demon for the Hindi lands of India. She has all the emotional characteristic for a warrior: daring, driven, disciplined, determination, and dynamic. I met Durga when I was a child running across a field playing "Ya, ya, Ya, you can't get me." actually teasing a monster.

Years later in a creative writing class I wrote a short story of my childhood running through the fields enticing a monster. “Ya, ya, ya, you can’t catch us.” I fell; I knew the monster would suffocate me. When I stopped yelling and screaming, I saw this wonderful magical woman, a warrior. Not my mom, not an angel, not a faery, and not a saint. From then on I knew I was protected. I actually forgot about writing the story, only knowing I always had courage and was safe.
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Finally, Durga, herself, spoke to me. "I am the field goddess. I am of the Shakti energies of the earth, the Devi, the goddess of protection created by all the Gods. Durga comes as mere woman to help the innocent. You were a child, who thought a monster lived in the field. Durga helps conquer dangers, helps overcome foes, gives courage to take a stand and fight, if needed slicing off the head of the evil demon. I understood Durga. I had her voice. Come read her story on, DURGA HELPS THE GODS.


  1. Very interesting, Bobbie. I've always been fascinated by Durga. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank-you, she is interesting, and strong.

  2. Thanks for enjoy and reading, hope you read the story on