Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Ursula's Efforts

Ursula's story - Salt is the Staff of life. #atozchallenge

 E is for EAGER, energetic - expert - empathy - excellence - encouragement – expert - earnest - electric – elegance - enjoyable - enthusiasm - excellency - expressive - extraordinary - easy - ecstasy - enable - endure - enjoy – esteem --> and not the opposite EMPTY.
The third girl child of a king is hard, gets harder when her mother dies, and father rejects her gift on his birthday, Ursula is not appreciated by her father, so . . . as an energetic, young woman with friends in the court kitchen, Ursula makes her escape into an enjoyable, esteeming eating and becomes an expert were on salt and foods, at crossroad inn, eventually Ursula shows her father her value. 

Watch the video about Ursula, Salt is the Staff of Life, or read URSULA'S EFFORTS on and compare the differences in styles of verbal to word. We enhance, fabricate, embroidery and re-images stories as we tell them, even if practicing for hours. What our minds creates is amazing. Words we read we believe, story not some much because we are beware of who is telling and their view . . .

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