Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Magic Paintbrush

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 The Magic Paint Brush 

P – PASSION, playful, peaceful, polite, patient, pleasant, powerful, poised, practical, precious, popular, prosperous, pleased --> POSSESSIVE

Ma LiAng is a Chinese legend, supposedly about a Emperor of that name, from the Golden Dragons (between 200 to 1800), the period of golden prosperity where young men studied the three perfections: Art, Poetry and Calligraphy and were call Dragons of the Court. A poor boy, Ma LiAng wants to learn to paint but has no money and family all killed in the many wars. Always he draws either in the sand or the wet dirt. Finally, he is given a magic brush by the Queen of the West, Mother of the Dragons. The brush can only paint for the ‘good of the people.’A greedy Emperor desires Ma LiAng’s magic, and will destroy to get what he covets: gold, dragons and the Phoenix.  I have used the story to tell what an artist does to create a work of ART!

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