Saturday, April 23, 2016

How Fire Came to the Humans

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How Fire Came to the  Humans

TREASURE, terrific, tack, tasteful, trained, thrift, trustful, treat, tender, thrive, tolerant, thorough, tough, tremendous, thoughtful --> TAUNT, TRAGIC, TEASE, THREAT, TERRIFY

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is from the ancient creative myths. These stories are from around the earth: Pele's fire given only to the gods, Kaang's warning, Prometheus' gift then punishment, and Humming bird gave fire to the trees causing distrust and tragedy for the animals. Remember, the ancient, primitive cultures traveled and traded wares. So story traveled as did the entrancing, taunting FIRE.


  1. I believe that about hummingbird. Naughty, mischievous little bird! :-)

  2. Sate - thank for you comment, I'm coming to visit your site.