Monday, April 4, 2016

Why Rat Won --> First in the Zodiac

C is for CLEVER
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C or clever, careful, creative, considerate, charming calm, capable, carefree, causal, celebrity, cherish, some of these describe the Rat in the Chinese Zodiac, however many be not. Rat is CLEVER and capable, possible creative, but not charming or calm.  The Jade Emperor calls Rat, SHU, a ambitious, practical, charming, clever, and quick-witted personality. Rat wins the contest to be first in the Zodiac as a trickster, who might cheat to win. Read Why RAT Won I told this version at the Asian Art Museum.

story told were
Why RAT Won 
Why Rat Won is a creation myth, how and why the Chinese have a Zodiac. About 6,000 years ago or longer a need to order the days was important. People saw light and dark as a day, and a month by the size of the moon, and a year by the seasons, but now to manage dates to know when something happened. Rat and eleven other animals help in the naming of 12 years in the assets of fire, light, water, mental and earth to make 5 circles making 60, then starts new. PLUS, the traits of the animals are loaded with personality to help us understand relationships, from matching partners in marriages, and what personality is and will become. Over 6,000 years and longer, there are trues in this process. The Zodiac is one complicated, complex system of counting, and calculating time and space, a life time of learning. 

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