Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Bear and Heavenly Son, Creation Myth - Korean

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Bear and Heavenly Son – Creation Myth from Korean

WORTH, want, wonderful, watchful, warm, whole, wealthy, willful, willing, wise, wonder, wanderer —> WORRIED

Welcome lovers of story!  Today’s story is about Bear, Tiger and the Heaven’s Son, a creation myth from Korean. Creation myths can be changed to suit the leaders of a country, as done by every, every conqueror since the early battles for territory. The victories broadcasted in paintings on rock, in temples, palaces, in verbal stories, then written, and now photographs, viewed in movies, on TV news, and now on our computers. Story changes to suit the place, time, and teller, as all good stories and history does. Can we believe what we hear or what we see? Some say we do believe what is written. I wonder, Why?

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